Anyone cravin' some Gloomhaven

Just thought it would be good to continue the chat here about Gloomhaven.

It was a great Topic, so I am pretty sure there’ll be a few new entries soon. If anything, I am planning on a solo game one of these next few week nights :slight_smile:

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Ahoy! We’re trying scenario #22 for the second time tonight after our first attempt was rudely cut short by internet troubles.

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I’m really craving some Gloomhaven… If it’s raining this weekend I might just give in and start soloing it.


I am just craving the forums. :slight_smile:
But also Gloomhaven.
Hello everyone!


I love Gloomhaven, revision for an exam has precluded setting it up and soloing it but it’s first on my list when the exam is done!


We picked Scenario #22 up where we left off on Monday and it actually went quite smoothly.


All the demons in this scenario were much scarier than they normally are. The Sun did a bit of tanking and when we cleared out the first room I set about destroying the first of 4 altars. Annoyingly my Angry Face isn’t good at attacking things that aren’t monsters so it took a few turns. Then I set off to handle another room and altar on my own. It got a bit dicey but I managed it! Being able to go invisible and miss a few attacks was really helpful!

On to Scenario #31 next!

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I would love someone else to buy Gloomhaven and then I would play it

There’s TableTop Simulator… just saying…

On a more serious note, I get the fact that the game is pricey, but I think you get plenty with it.
I bought the game mid March and have played (mostly solo) 2-3 times a week on average, and I think I am not even close to 20% of the way.
So it is a lot of game, for a dungeon crawler lover, is heavenly. If you actually split it between 2 friends (I think 3 players is the best option) that meet weekly or twice a month, you have enough there for at least 18 months without using expansions.

I think that’s the trick, isn’t it?

If you know that it’s the sort of game you like and that you can get your group together to play, that’s excellent. (Like a sort of super-sized Pandemic Legacy.) If not, well, not. Unlike Pandemic there wasn’t a one-shot version you could try first to see if you liked the gameplay.

Still, we have plenty of reviews that seem to give a fairly solid impression of gameplay. It’s not for me, but that just means more copies for everyone else.

I bet that if we hate the game, Mr Childres still will love it if we buy every copy we find and we burn them… :smiley:
That’s what I liked on the similarly priced Twilight Imperium 4th Ed video review. Before investing that kind of money, having places online to double check first is ideal. I know I would love TI:4th Ed, but without friends to play it with often enough, it is a lot of dosh for what it is, so I won’t buy it (yet, wait till I find some friends for it…).
At least I think Gloomhaven works well solo. That’s why I went for it.

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The same applies to the dice bot that would edit your posts. But we do still have
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Ah ok, thanks for that!

Had a revisit last night to the Drake Cave (scenario #42)


and this time managed to clear it, if not to reach the Treasure Chest.
Used well some summons with pierce attacks from my Summoner so we dealt quickly with the first shielded Fire Demon, and then we were lucky with a couple of Miss Cards by the monsters. Still think those drakes pack the hell of a punch, had to use so much my Tinkerer to heal Wound and Poison status she was the one that ended spent by exhaustion with two turns left.
At least there was only one Spitting Drake left to go by then, and the Lava Golem and one of the Summoned Wolves managed to dispatch it.

Came out with a level up for my summoner and plenty of drake scales, I am selling them in town, if anybody fancy some. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Had another adventure last night with my Water Breathing achievement in the sack, down the sewers, below Gloomhaven. Nice scenario. (#23 if I remember correctly) I am loving the ticking clock feeling now with these scenarios, where you don’t have to kill all enemies, and run, run, for it.


The only problem were 2 Oozes that rapidly turned into 8 at the end of the long corridor. Luckily the splitting and our Shadow Wolves summons managed to damage them enough for a good shot with the Tinkerer’s beam and a devastating instant death card from the summoner that dispatched 6 of them in one turn. Still, hardly managed to reach the second pump on the very last turn (good thing I kept that move 5 card from the Summoner till the very end)

One more Lurker, and I will retire my Tinkerer, which I think it will be bittersweet. But level 3 scenario monsters will not be missed. God, they do pack a punch!! And they can take them too!!


We played a 3 player Frosthaven on TTS yesterday.
My partner was the Bannerspear, our friend played the Drifter and I tried my hand on the Deathwalker.

After taking about an hour to figure out the basics of the TTS module, I died in the first room. To be fair I tried baking bread and talking everyone through the TTS details while they had time to figure out their characters.

What I really want to say is: wow, I really really want to play the Deathwalker again now that I know how NOT to play her. She gets to place up to 5 shadow tokens, although at the start she has only two bottom actions that can place 1 each and 1 top loss action that places 2. Then she can use those shadows for a variety of fun things like: attacking through the shadows, using the shadows to enhance attacks or summoning something out of the shadows. The trick is to get out enough shadows without dying.

Right now there is no consolidated rulebook for Frosthaven and the only thing I had to figure out how to play her was a playing card full of text explaining a few of the details regarding shadows. :roll_eyes:

I didn’t really find out much about the other 2 characters I played with as I was too busy sacrificing cards to not die immediately. The Deathwalker is definitely not a tank.


I spent all day not playing Gloomhaven but copying our campaign data into the Gloomhaven Fantasy Setup TTS module (the same one that is the base for the Frosthaven demo module).

Here’s a screenshot (has spoilers for Cthulu Face because I got the cards in my hand & Sun’s character sheet is visible)



Your table has a cool illustration on it that ours doesn’t!