Anyone cravin' some Gloomhaven

Last night we tackled Scenario 77 Vault of Secrets. The first room was rough for us but we soldiered on through, only to realise that TTS had set up one of the enemies at Level 6 rather than Level 5.

Unfortunately by that point some of us had already lost cards to avoid damage. We just about scraped through the rest of the scenario with two of the players exhausting and the remaining two being pretty close!

One day we’ll get back to the “main” questline.

On Monday we got back to the main questline with Scenario #46 Nightmare Peak and it was … easy?

Our Spellweaver has some amazing room clearing ability that leaves me as a damage focussed class feeling a bit impotent :laughing:

It was however very effective at preventing any boss shenanigans!

Maybe Scenario #76 next?

Does it count that now I am playing on digital?

I’ve arranged myself with restarting a round when I make a mistake like mixing up which top I want to play or clicking wrong. I try not to optimize my turn around stuff I wouldn’t have known–but it happens.

I got to know a bunch of classes much more in depth but I’ve been using guides to get started with each. It’s different on the table when I only play one class–here I am playing parties of four. My current one is centered around my level 9 Cragheart whose quest is to exhaust a bunch of times… not happening. He…–pun intended?–rocks!
His friends are a level 7 two-minis, level 8 musical notes (I wonder if that one would be frustrating to play on the table as your 1 character. One could probably optimize playing her then and I think I lack a few items that would be helpful for her) and just joined (after sending Sun into retirement–not my character, we never warmed to each other): Triforce–at level 4.

I’ve previously had a Brute I got along with quite well and a Tinkerer and of course my alltime favorite: the Spellweaver. Haven’t played Rogue or Mindthief from the basic characters. In a party of 4 I played Tinkerer as a healer which was difficult to get used to not having around after retirement.

Cragheart is pretty tough at level 9 and some scenarios have felt like he was doing it all by himself. Especially when Sun cripples her own movement and lags behind and musical notes loots along (her quest ist to gather money…).

Until now I had a bit of trouble with ranged damage with that group. I hope Triforce replacing Sun will alleviate that a bit.

I miss my current character from our analog campaign–haven’t seen his quest pop up yet (Cthulu). He was such a great fit after playing Spellweaver.

One thing that I only found out about recently is that card modifications are not permanent beyond retirement in digital Gloomhaven–apparently it is planned to change that but I do not know if it will be changed for on-going campaigns. Seeing how it took me a long long time to finish those 27 scenarios for this one, I do not think I will start over. Most digital scenarios take just as long as the analog counterparts.


I always want to go back to that game (the digital version), but haven’t really found the right mood and time yet. Kinda sad, enjoyed it in Early Access a lot when I tried one run.

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Going to resurrect this.

Assuming handmade isn’t an option, what’s the best, sensibly priced insert for the main game (that I can get in the UK) please?

I once took a close look at the one Laserox makes at Spiel. that looked pretty good. but it was so expensive it was cheaper to buy all the tools necessary to get started making my own… Maybe folded space has one that is cheaper. those require some glue … though also not es well designed in my opinion… stares at insert for viticulture that has a single too small tray for coins.

I’ve got the folded space one. It works pretty well if you don’t mind a lot of gluing!


The existing insert is fine, if supplemented with tuck boxes. I know you said hand made isn’t an option, but paper tuck boxes are so easy, probably easier than assembling the insert my friend bought, and better than that insert too.


Currently free on the Epic Games Store.