Would anyone be interested in a committee game?

Hi Lovelies,

As I’m not running anything, I wanted to ask if anyone wanted to engage in a committee game?

At its most basic level, such games see a group of individuals with competing priorities forced together to negotiate, scheme and compromise to reach a final settlement. (Think Model UN, or mini megagame.)

There’s a number of options, but ideally I’m looking for 4-8 people. It would be entirely hosted via the forum.



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Sounds good - I’ve enjoyed the megagames I’ve played, so a committee game might be fun.

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What Megagames have you played @TomNowell ?

Sounds interesting even though I have very little idea how this plays. How freeform is this type of game?

I’ll give it a shot.

I’m interested. Many years ago I ran a Cyberpunk PBM where each player had one of the big corporations…

There’s a lot of scope.

The most basic example would be a military planning game, with players being the heads of armed forces planning a joint operation, with each retaining certain information that would aid others whilst also trying to give themselves the decisive role.

The outcome would be a complete plan which I would then enact, and see what would actually happen.

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I move to nominate myself.


So the „let’s make a plan“ part of an rpg? I think I would be better off watching. It is the part of rpgs I always struggled with.


Right, we’ve got 4 people. which is viable. I’ll setup a thread in the next day or so with a proposal, latecomers still welcome.

I mean it’s a bit like my day job, but I’d put myself forward for election. I assume I’ll still lose.


Ill give it a go

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Ooh. 6. The ideal number.

Room for a clueless 7??

Yep indeed

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@RossM I’ve been resisting volunteering for this, but it looks really interesting - and I see the game thread has started now. Is it too late to join up? If it is, that’s completely fine.

There is room for one more yes!

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Just post in that thread.