Which games AREN'T you playing?

Three categories here:

  1. You bought a fantastic game but the accursed lockdown has foiled all your group plans
  2. You bought a game and can’t convince your friends to play it (because 22 hours / 12 players is a lot)
  3. You bought a game and… it’s on the shelf… and you’ll probably play it? One day? Eh.

I know some of us on here have gone for computer board game simulators to get through lockdown, but sometimes only the physical game will do!

I got Azul: Summer Pavilion for Christmas and I just want to play with its clicky, clicky counters, but lockdown has meant it’s still in the box :sob:



Uhh… So many… So so many…


This was partly inspired by SUSD reviewing Western Empires, because I love that someone would make a 9- or 18-player 12 hour+ game, and I kinda want to play it just because it exists and is so huge, but that’s gonna have one of the longest “stays on the shelf” times ever.


The ones that are irking me the most at the moment:

  • Gloomhaven: difficult to organise before the lockdown. Now impossible :frowning:
  • Oceans: my latest Kickstarter arrival. Nobody to play with (husband and cat not willing)
  • Food Chain Magnate: how will I ever not suck at this game if nobody will agree to play it? shakes fist

I’ve just finished running a play-by-forum of Firefly on BGG, and that reminds me of how much I enjoy the physical game.

You know, there’s an easy way to fix this situation…


I’ve been meaning to read the FCM rulebook to pick up the rules. Is it fairly easy to grok the gamestate via the interface? (I mean, I’m currently doing it with Antiquity…)

Usually I can manage to get most of my games played within a reasonable time span after purchase. However there are a few exceptions:

  • Deep Sea Adventures, Startups, Polis and Hansa Teutonica all arrived shortly before or during lockdown, so I didn’t really have a chance to play them.

  • The Game of Thrones boardgame was given to me as a birthday gift. I am somewhat interested in playing it, but if I could get that many players to commit for a day-long game, I would always prefer to play TI4. I would sell it, but that feels kinda bad for a gift that I haven’t even played. So I guess it will sit on my shelf for another year or two until I’m eventually going to get rid of it.

  • City of the Big Shoulders is the one that actually hurts. A lot. I got this at Essen 2019 at full MSRP because I was incredibly hyped for the game. Seven months later it still sits on my shelf unplayed. I have tried to get it to the table, but with no success so far.


Not at first, in my experience. But you get used to it.


It is better and easier to use than antiquity, I think.

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The coder (who is technically exceptional in my opinion) started with Antiquity, and isn’t super-proud of it (see http://play.boardgamecore.net/faq). So I’d expect that to be a bit worse.

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Planet Apocalypse - Arrived during the immediate pre-lockdown days. Got one game in (where both my fellow players spent the whole game coughing and I was :grimacing: but it was really fun and none of us are dead) and then, quarantine. No digital module that I can see. If there was one, it’d probably just be the base game and the expansions add a ton of variety. I could solo it, of course, but I’ve not been doing much of that and my efforts are more oriented towards “proper” solo games.

Too Many Bones - all $600 or so worth just arrived. But I’ve already got 7th Continent on the table and see above re: lockdown. There’s actually a few good TTS versions so maybe soon with one of those.

Everdell - the new expansions arrived immediately pre-lockdown but I had to prioritize.

Champions of Hara - we got some really great coop plays in a month or two back and I want to do more but there’s no digital version.

Street Masters - arrived post lockdown. I did two solo plays but I’d like to play coop and there’s no digital version.

The Edge: Dawnfall - post-quarantine again. There’s a TTS mod that miiiiight work, but it’s not clear to me it’s current with the version I own. And we’ve been focused on coop stuff, which…there is a coop mode with The Edge, but it’s not the main game and I’d like to learn it a bit before that.

Glorantha: The Gods War - neither the TTS nor Tabletopia versions had anything but the base game last I checked, and I feel like Empires is key to the full experience.


Mega Supremacy. Mainly because wrangling 23 other people to play it for a full weekend, and renting a large conference room for it, are logistical obstacles I doubt I shall ever be able to overcome, virus or no virus.


New Frontiers for me. The rest have yet to arrive!

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Too Many Bones additions arrived start if lockdown. Undertow, Ghillie and Tink all arrived end of March. I love TMB so these taunt me with their unused status.

Street Masters similar timing issue. Did half a solo game, did a cool combo and thought “yeah, that’ll be fun. I’ll keep it” now I just need to be able to meet people to play games with.

The Crew ordered start of March, arrived mid March when end of module work was being done. School finished 21st of March, the crew sits in shrink.

Then there’s the big pile. First I finally played a full 18xx and it blew my mind. I would almost be happy just to play them. Then the KS delivered for 18Chesapeake and included a copy of 18Mex and I got my previous purchases out the cupboard. 1844/54 1824 and 18OE joined 1846. @pillbox gushing on 1862 led me to Train Shuffling which led me to owning a copy of 1862. When this is done I will be scouring the surrounds of the UK’s blighted capital for people to play train games with.


Dune, Inis and Root all need a bit more than two players to shine…


My friends and I had just gotten into the Arkham Horror: LCG. And we were also halfway through Aeon’s End: Legacy.

Those are the main ones we’re not playing right now.


I think Inis works pretty well with two, but you are right, it needs at least one more.


We’ve played a couple of games of 2 player Inis when I got it, but my partner isn’t the biggest fan of area control games (see list above) and so I need at least one more to get all those off the ground and on the table.

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Stuff that’s sitting unplayed in my collection falls into a few different categories:

Arrived just before/during lockdown and I just haven’t had the chance to play:

  • Unmatched
  • Sanctum (I might do a solo playthrough of this at some point soon)
  • Letterpress (I need to get round to trying out the actual solo mode for this!)
  • Cutthroat Caverns
  • The Estates (I reckon I could set this up to be played via video chat.)

A lot of rules learning needed:

  • Empires of the Void II
  • Mission: Red Planet

I learnt the rules but then didn’t get a chance to play them soon enough and have now forgotten them:

  • Rebel Nox
  • The Witches: A Discworld Game
  • Crossfire

I want to play them with my partner (who doesn’t like games but does like puzzles) but I haven’t convinced her to try them yet:

  • Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective
  • Exit games

It’s our birthdays in a week, so I’m gonna make another attempt to get them played while I’m off work.

I read the rules, but I’m not sure I understand them:

  • Clacks: A Discworld Board Game (I’ve tried this solo and it just seemed impossible)
  • Mr. Cabbagehead’s Garden

Probably crap, but they were cheap and I like the IP:

  • X-Men: Mutant Revolution (This is compounded by it only working with 3 or 4 players and my usual group for stuff like this is 2 or 5)
  • The Crow: Fire It Up!