What are you watching?

A bit late, as the Oscars have been already, but we watched “Everything, everywhere, all at once” last Friday just to see what was all that hype about.

I must say I watched it, instead. We started early enough (normally I’m out on Friday night for games night, but I had the Saturday Monthly Library meet up for the next day, so we called it a Movie Night instead) but my better half fell asleep half way through.

The starting premise is interesting, the acting is really good (I loved Data playing the husband, and Jamie Lee Curtis was sublime), but I think the script goes way beyond control about half way through the movie. To turn into madness. We both like the premise of parallel realities, but everything was a bit much, and all of a sudden, to be honest. I haven’t seen that many movies this year, but if this is the best movie this year, it doesn’t say much about the rest.

Eeaao is great, nuff said.

Of course, with all the extra exposure, there are going to be a lot of people watching it now who aren’t going to like it, that’s just the way it is.

I am getting a bit sick of the tone of the flood of criticism I’m seeing on social media lately though.

If you didn’t like eeaao, I think there’s a good chance something else on the shortlist, like Banshees of Inisherin, will float your boat.


I would not say I hated it. I just thought it went too much off rails half way through (to the point of ruining my suspension of disbelief). Particularly so a few parallel universes like the rocks one

Banshees is one that I really kicked myself for missing it while it was on the cinema. I believe it came out when I was away in Spain, and when I returned to NZ it was briefly another week on the screens before being replaced, likely by yet another Marvel superhero movie, because 30-40 have not been enough… But it is definitely on my radar

Oh, yes EEAAO is completely off the rails. It’s utterly bonkers. I thought it was a blast and I had a great time, but there’s also tons of people I would refrain from recommending it to.

Anything that goes to extremes like that is going to automatically limit its target audience in the process. Some people will love it, others will hate it, and pretty much every reaction in between is going to be valid.

Edit: Ok, apparently it won 7 Oscars. I can see how that’s going to be driving people crazy! :‍)


You mean, everything all at once?


I didn’t really get EEAAO when I watched it, maybe I’ll give it another go. It was certainly interesting.

Just watched Rocky (after watching the Creed movies, I decided to rewatch all the original Rocky movies too!). I forget how good it is. It is a pretty subtle performance from Stallone and he deserves his Oscar for the screenplay (although I don’t know what it was up against).

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It didn’t win - the wins were for Picture, Director and Film Editing. Network won Original Screenplay.

Was it nominated? Could have sworn I’d heard something about the screenplay and an Oscar. I know he was nominated for Best Actor.

Tbf, Network is a pretty worthy winner too!

Rocky is great. Although considering it created so many tropes I can’t believe it still seems fresh.

Well, it would be hard to say it was fresh as I’ve seen it many times but I still think it is a very well put together film, the performances are still good and the fights are as thrilling as any.

Yeah, nominations for actor, actress, supporting actor (twice), original screenplay, film editing, original song, and sound.

Rightio - he deserved his nomination!

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Wife just watched the Peripheral, was confused by the ending, and I found it surprisingly hard to explain from memory:


So, we’ll call the future timeline 1, in which Flynn died before(?) the Jackpot.
Stub 2 is where our story started, in which Flynn has all the RI data encoded into her brain, is hunted, and has herself killed to avoid the RI taking the nuclear option and killing everyone she knows.
In stub 3, which Flynn accesses, none of that happened, it couldn’t have, because everything we saw in timeline 1 was interaction with stub 2. Moreover, it’s just one of an infinite number of possible stubs, and RI apparently has no way of knowing which one, so the Flynn there is safe for the time being. In it, the haptic technology field trials never happened, that guy presumably still has his legs, and the first interaction with timeline 1 is presumably due to the inspector sending the peripheral tech to Flynn and greeting a completely ignorant Flynn?
What happened to the data copied to the Flynn of stub 2? Did people from timeline 1 copy it? Was there any way for the experiences of the Flynn we know to be conveyed to the new Flynn?

Despite the weirdly unclear ending, I did like the series, and highly recommend not reading the above spoilers to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

Just watched The Peripheral in the last two weeks, and it’s AWESOME.

Agree, there’s some stuff about the final episode that needs to be confirmed in season two, but nothing they can’t make clear if they choose to. The acting is great, and I think my blood pressure is still coming down from the entire episode 5 bridge scene.


Watching season 3 of Picard. Really went into this thinking it would be totally awful and yes it leans into fan service but so far I’m really enjoying it.

I don’t know exactly what changed but it just feels more genuine. I am still expecting the ending to be trash but time will tell.

Non spoiler reason?

Because it’s using the whole of Star treks back catalogue of amazing music.

Spoiler reason


Star Trek is at its best when Beverly Crusher has a medical mystery to solve.


@GeeBizzle whats your thoughts on shaw?

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Loving him. He represents the worst of what Star Trek has become but with a compelling justification. I think he adds so much to the narrative , as well as simply the voice of reason that modern Star Trek needs. Audiences want to challenge the fact that they have jeopardised hundreds to save one. Particularly in Star Trek!


Watched the new Luther movie from Netflix. It is great to see Idris Elba reprising his best role. He does a great job with his grim, rough Londoner inspector. The movie was good, Andy Serkis does a great job, he has a couple of scenes that are sublime, but the movie plot had a couple of bits that nearly made me lose my suspension of disbelief. I won’t spoil, but they were a bit too cinematic; and minor, anyway, not anything that ruins the movie, far from it.

In general, not the best we’ve seen of Luther, but still good quality stuff. It is a shame they don’t do more longer cases like this. The 2 hours and a bit passed flying by.