What are the "unique" zero-overlap games in your collection?

The recent topic on SU&SD’s Tom’s board game collection and comparing the overlap between my collection with his and the other SU&SD team lead me to this thought: what games do I own that no one else here has?

My memory is diminishing, but from my couple of years here I don’t recall anyone else mentioning the following titles I own: (updated)

  • Statis Pro Football (Avalon Hill)
  • Deadwood (Cheap Ass Games)
  • Pandemic Iberia (Z-Man Games) (@lalunaverde, @Brattyjedi)
  • Hero Realms (White Wizard Games) (@pillbox)

I appreciate this list may change as others may prove to own them, so I am happy to scrub titles off this list delighted in the knowledge that others share and play them, but with so many older out-of-print games around, many longer-term gamers must have some real treasures in their collections.

Leaving aside any self-made games, what commerically-released games do you own that you think may be unique to your collection and have zero-overlap with other members of this forum?


Here are the board games which I thought might be uncommon, and which I also couldn’t find other people mentioning in the search. I’m confident that others will have some of these, but who knows which ones?!


My oldest games with (possibly) the least overlap would probably be Warrior Knights and Chainsaw Warrior, both old Games Worksop games. Not sure I have anything more obscure than that, although I have the original Robo Rally with the lead robots, as you can see by my profile piccy.


I am going to guess Quest for the Magic Ring, an old roll and move based on Lord of the Rings, and World Monuments, a game my wife found for cheap and got me as a gift years ago. Oh, and a game called They Who Were 8, also a random gift from my wife. The latter two we have yet to play. The first was a nostalgic game from high school that a friend found and gifted to me. Also unplayed, but it’s not really that good of a game, but I love that I own it.


I’d guess that the least likely for crossover are Frenemy Pastry Party, SHASN, and maybe Cathedral.


My least which includes some that are likely to crossover but I can’t recall too much by way if chatter around is:



1876: Trinidad

~~ Anansi ~~ @lalunaverde

~~ Attika ~~ @pillbox has US telegprah

~~ Bora Bora ~~ @pillbox

~~ City of Spies:Estoril 1942 ~~ @lalunaverde

The Climbers

Expedition to Newdale

Expedition: Northwest Passage

First Class: All Aboard the Orient Express



Last Train to Wensleydale

Legend of the Cherry Tree that Blossoms Every 10 Years




Scorpius Freighter

Starcadia Quest


~~ Trains/Rising Sun ~~ @Mintochris @pillbox

~~ Walking in Burano ~~ @bruitist


I used to own GW’s Warrior Knights about 30-35 years ago. Only played it once or twice and loved it but was too long and complicated for my group at the time so I sold it sometime in the 2000s when having a clearout. If I had a suitable group these days, I’d consider looking for a copy.

This sounds like a forthcoming Wallace & Grommit special.


I have happy memories of playing it, although I’m not sure how well it stands up now. I’ll have to bring it along if we ever have a tekeli-meet!

If we were talking obscure gamebooks, I -might- be in with a chance.

I can’t recall seeing anyone talk about Globbo, Allen Varney’s game about exploding alien children and their murderous amoeboid android babysitter. Having typed that sentence I think I can understand why. Must break this one out again, I think it’s in storage at the moment.


I used to own this. Limited communication coop that was published around the same time as Hana Bi which my group always preferred. Gave it away because at a min player count of 3 it was not seeing the table especially not after The Crew was published.


I have played The Climbers. Didn’t click for my wife but I thought it was really good


I have the original 2-4 player Elevenses, but not “… for One”.

I have this and it’s one of my most recently played games.

Looking at my collection, the ones I haven’t heard mentioned fall into a few different categories.

Kickstarters: 10’ to Kill, Bristol 1350, Consentacle, Dragon Punch, In Security, Jabberwocky (I’ve seen The Lady and the Tiger mentioned, but not its sequel), Kittin, Long Live the Queen, Skulldug!, Terrible Monster, Village Pillage

Red Raven games other than the usual ones: The Ancient World, Artifacts, Inc., City of Iron, Deep Vents, Empires of the Void II, Klondike Rush, Roam

East Asian games (mostly by Emperor S4): Crows Overkill, Jigūan: The Eastern Mechanist, Mystery of the Temples, Trial of the Temples, Wonderland Xiii

(There’s also Realm of Sand, but I’ve seen others mention it. And Walking in Burano has just been disqualified.)

Random (usually small) games I took a chance on (usually because they’re pretty or I like the theme): Cindr, Crows, Heroes Wanted, Inuit: The Snow Folk, Kokoro: Avenue of the Kodama, Lindisfarne, Matryoshka, Mesozooic, Montmartre, Noxford, Onward to Venus, Opale, Shahrazad, The Tea Dragon Society Card Game, Tea for 2

And a couple of Button Shy games I haven’t seen anyone else mention: Find Your Seats, Handsome

[Current total: 23]

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Because they are old:

  • Verräter (+ @lalunaverde)
  • Chez Geek (+ @RogerBW) (I expect some of you played this at some point. It seemed pretty common and popular then but Munchkin survived and this… notsomuch?)

Because they are obscure:

  • Krazy Pix—used to have Krazy Words before that
  • Obscurio (+ @InkyBloc)—weird semi-coop realtime version of Dixit or Mysterium, so beautiful and so hard to play. It is going in and out of my sell-stack. “It’s lovely, but difficult, but lovely, but we don’t win, but lovely…”
  • Flourish—drafting yourself a pretty garden. Meadow came out shortly after and a whole wave of games with similar theme, so I expect this got drowned
  • Yamatai—I traded for this and haven’t played it since but it is firmly in my collection after I learned the rules. So pretty, so nice I am surprised it is not more well-known. Thanks Zee for pointing me in this direction
  • Miyabi—this is one I picked up courtesy of Radho. My favorite tile stacking game by Haba of all the unexpected publishers
  • Pax Transhumanity (+ @lalunaverde)—the one SF game of the Pax series, which I played at Essen and got taught personally by the designer who is a very nice person and not at all like dad. Lovely game, just too complex for my average game night. Love all the speculative ideas in here.
  • Cockroach Salad: I know people play the other ugly insects games but I haven’t seen mention of my favorite… we’ve had the best times playing this. It requires even less brain than the other ones :slight_smile:
  • Sub Terra—beautiful tile laying dungeon escape coop, thanks Zee. Why is nobody playing this? Sub Terra 2 is imminent but that is a long overdue Kickstarter I didnt back so I am already having FOMO… :wink:

Because they are too weird?

  • Rattle Battle Grab the Loot (+ @pillbox) you throw the dice and it is really important where they land… something something ships
  • Jetpack Joyride: a realtime game we enjoyed at essen. Basically Super Mario the Boardgame :slight_smile: If anyone wants a picture I’ll set up something. No fun solo though. The pandemic sucks

Because obscure unavailable Kickstarters?

  • Izayoi—Japanese Kickstarter game about being the best at being humble, sadly 3+ players required
  • Aqua Garden—Japanese Kickstarter game about building an Aquarium (for visitors with sharks and stuff…. Not gold fish)
  • Moonrakers—overproduced card drafting, negotiation Kickstarter which is quite lovely but somehow with 2 doesn’t play all that great. It probably needs at least 3 people. The solo is fine but cannot quite simulate the negotiation component.
  • Lunar Base—obscure Kickstarter about building a base on the moon
  • Way of the Samurai—solo fighting game that I have never won and can never remember the rules. One of the reasons I don’t want to buy dedicated solo games anymore
  • Squaring Circleville—this is what you get when you want to support a publisher and don’t look too closely at what you are getting. I am finding it difficult to sell this because people don’t know it. Ah well… I don’t even think it is a bad game but it is huge compared to what it does. I’d probably like it more with different theme and in a smaller package. The theme is so distracting that I cannot even explain what goes on in the game.

Newish Games that may just not have made it anywhere:

  • Bad Company—something of a Space Base clone, just less good (I say, Zee says otherwise)
  • Planet Unknown—the BEST polyominoes game, but was a Kickstarter long in the making and probably not available anywhere right now. I think there is a retail version waiting to be released though

Trains and rising sun are two that I also have. Also walking in burano.

My possibilities:

XxLeaving Earth (+expansions)xx
…and then we held hands
Android mainframe seems to have gone unnoticed
Automobiles also seems to generate little buzz
Asking for trobils - never seen anyone else who has/has played.
Chemistry flux
Copper country
Crystallo (hard to get in uk)
The expanse
Fall of magic
XxIn securityxx
Mazescape (both versions)
XxMythos talesxx
Quantum (Oop)
Red flag over Paris

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Damn there goes in security. Also had 10’ to kill but sold it.

And Consentacle!

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Leaving Earth is an obscure game, but I know a bunch of people on here have it. This includes me :slight_smile: It’s just so big, I don’t play it often. But it is a game my partner LOVES… I am sure if I asked him right now, he’d drop his PS5 controller to play.


Test, test, test!

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