What are some good Polyominoes Games?

I used to own Princes of Florence, it was satisfying to built up your board and it felt quite innovative at the time and we played it a lot with friends (who still have their copy) but at some point I got bored of it. It’s one of the first multiplayer solitaire style Euros as far as I remember. It’s a good game and I’ve been thinking of picking it up again, if I can get a cheap copy. Too bad they canceled the reprint–I would probably have bought a new version.

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Patchwork is a classic in our household, one of the first board games we bought together and it still gets regular play. Big fan.

We really like Bärenpark as well, play it a bunch.

New York Zoo has eclipsed it, however. That’s a lovely, lovely game.


What makes you prefer New York Zoo to Bärenpark? I’m curious because every time I’ve played New York Zoo I’ve found myself thinking that I would rather have been playing Bärenpark :grin:

That’s a VERY good question I honestly don’t have a satisfying answer to. It might be simply that the little animeeples are just so adorable. I dunno, it just clicked more with us.

I know, shrugging and going “I dunno, cute animals maybe?” is, like, the opposite if a helpful answer, LOL.

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“Extra extra! Simfers denies cuteness of bears! Read all about it!”

I have no horse (bear?) in this race, I just found this funny.


No, no, I was misquoted! I have always found bears adorable as well, but… Come on, they got Arctic foxes, I’m not made of stone!


I find bears cute… until they grow and they can slap your head off your shoulders. Then I am not so fond of them unless there is a big ditch or cage between us.

On the Polyominoes trend, I have played Isle of Cats, and although the theme and scoring did not do it for me, the art is really good.

And then, if you have all day (or at least a good chunk of it free) there is A Feast for Odin.

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Bears are terrifying. I object to bears in most games, just in case they happen to, against all odds, be real.


I must admit, back in the day when I played RPGs in Uni, I loved playing a Beorning in LOTR Advanced, but never played it enough to awaken the “transforming” power. But I always fancied the “I cannot control it” factor that my DM wanted me to play it like in the first few games. We soon replaced it with Vampire: The Masquerade 2nd Ed, and the character became history.

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There has been some suggestion that all the words for bears are basically euphemisms. See e.g. The Brown One, The Honey Eater, The Shaggy Coat, The Destroyer (I make no claim as to the validity of this research).

ObOnTopic, erm… don’t squish bears into polyomino shapes, they don’t like it?