What are some good Polyominoes Games?

I have enjoyed boardgames with polyominoes ever since first playing Princes of Florence.

These days, I am still always looking for more games that give me that tetris satisfaction of fitting tiles together.

So which tetris tiles games have you played? Which did you enjoy most? Why?


I enjoyed Bärenpark, but not enough to give it house room. Nothing wrong with it, but…

For a “pure” polyomino game, Project L is pretty good.


Going for an obvious one, Patchwork is really good.


Antiquity was probably the first, and the only one I’ve had any mileage out of. Barenpark I’ve played, but once was enough.


Lately I have played Isle of Cats. Not sure if I would recommend it. Visually it is very pleasing, but can be frustrating, specially at high counts. I just noticed yesterday that it has made it into the top 100, just. And I think it is “cult of the new” hype. It’s good, but not sure if it is that good.


I like nmbr9 but it’s more akin to a roll and write with regard to it’s interaction which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.


My partner just nominated Miyabi and I said no that is just rectangles of varying size… so he went with NMBR9.

My own pick is probably Cottage Garden (I only played this on the app though) and I want to give a shout out to Ubongo which I no longer own. It is still a fun puzzle I play on the app every once in a while.

I can’t wait for my copy of Planet Unknown to arrive… at some point. My one play at Essen was that good.

We have not yet started My City but I have high hopes for that one.

Bärenpark was all right but right now it resides at a friends place because… the basic version just wasn’t enough for me and then I never bothered to learn the contracts.

Weirdly, A Feast for Odin didn’t even register as polyominoes for me until I saw it in the BGG list.


The app of Indian Summer is very good (super cute, nice music). The game is… fine? I think I like it better than the other similar Rosenbergs, but it’s still only fine.


We’ve been quite enjoying Paris: La Cite da la Lumiere (accents not included), which we bought off of Tom’s review. It’s got the unique twist that you have to build the polyomino board and claim the tiles you want to lay on it before you actually put down any tiles, which means by the time you get to that point you and your opponent both have quite a bit invested in things going exactly the way you planned out. It adds a nice bit of tension.


No one has mentioned New York Zoo yet. It’s middling on BGG but Tom liked it. To me, it looks more interesting than My City but seems to be consistently reviewed worse.

I’m holding onto Barenpark until my daughters grow through it - I found it entirely underwhelming but appropriate for kids. Then I’ll swap it out for whatever is the hotness at that time. I haven’t played with goals yet, so maybe that is the secret sauce.

I’ll also mention Tiny Towns. It’s not quite Polyominoes, but you are trying to build shapes rather than place shapes. We fixed this with a draft - each round you flip a number of cards equal to the number of players and one person gets first pick, on and on until someone is left with the garbage. It gives you less control than the base game (where you pick, essentially, a card on your turn) and less than the variant (where you flip a random card), and also drives a layer of interaction as you are invested in denying other people their ideal cards. Thereby, you are watching their boards and making a little bit of a tougher decision.

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I’ve got New York Zoo, but I’ve yet to have a chance to play it :frowning:

Realm of Sand is an odd duck in the world of polyominoes. Technically you’re slotting them together, but then bits of them disappear when you use them to earn cards.


Does Second Chance count as a polyomino game?

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Yes it does according to both me and BGG… although I had to look it up :slight_smile:

So is it good?

I enjoyed it the one time I played it at UKGE :slight_smile:

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Since I don’t own any of Rosenbergs plethora of polyominoes games in physical form… I have this on my list. I am waiting for the Berlin Edition.

I wonder what will that version replace hot dog stands with…

Döner or Currywurst…


Mmmmm… currywurst… stop talking dirty to me :yum::yum::yum:


Hmmmm I really need to give Princes of Florence a go

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I waffled on posting this initially, but I’m going to anyway. Pipe laying/rotating puzzles were kind of a hot thing after the Tetris explosion, so I want to at least give honourable mentions to Pipeline and Curious Cargo.

Granted, these present an entirely different headspace than polyominoes, but I think if one enjoys the spatial crunch (total mind destruction, in my case) of one, they surely might enjoy the other.

Worth noting: neither game presents their puzzles as the primary mechanism, but neither are they side mechanics or mini-games.