Whartson Hall plays Cyberpunk 2020


I am now eagerly awaiting the release of the latest album from Penis Compensators and the Big Wazoo

I’m also wondering where I can find a recording of the game where the entire party dresses up as a single vicar and starts shooting people. :smile:


Augh! I now have to give you guys up for a while, since I expect to be playing in a game of Masks 7th edition in a few months!


oops sorry about that, Tim, although I expect that our effort won’t give away too much in the way of spoilers…


Mark was away, so Nick, Jon and I did a one-shot. We didn’t finish it, of course.

Session 8 - Subterfuge, But In A Murdery Way: A new job sees the team travel to a tropical paradise to pick up a sample of a new medical product. What could go wrong?


One shot, many stab.