'HindSight' 2020

Continuing the discussion from Whartson Hall plays Cyberpunk 2020:

I really must run HindSight at least once this year.

What to run? Where to run it?

What does it do better than any other system?

So much!

Smartalecky cheekiness aside, HindSight

  • provides robust support and slick resolution for a lot of adventury activities besides just stealth and slaughter, so it’s good for action adventures involving climbing and chases, exploration, patrolling, infiltration, breaking and entering, interpersonal persuasion and dissimulation

  • integrates cleanly with ForeSight, so that it’s good for historical fantasy and wainscot fantasy

  • has a system for magicians to devise magical effects for their needs that works very well, but that requires player mastery

  • has a system that lets “favourites”, “priests”, and “avatars” really cut a dash with divine magic, but that requires player decisiveness and panache

  • is the game that I built my setting Gehennum with, for the nostalgia value. But I’m not terribly keen on Gehennum any more.

  • does not handle fantasy races especially well, and isn’t good for PCs who are really not human.

I guess that it could really strut its stuff with something like On Stranger Tides or The Anubis Gates.

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