Whartson Hall plays Cyberpunk 2020


A friend of mine once brought back some chilli sweets from Japan. Looked like normal boiled sweets, but filled with chilli powder. He was planning to give them out at Hallowe’en…


Since Calavera and Cap’n Bang-Bang are such an endearing supercouple, they deserve their own portmanteaux nickname, in the style of Brangelina, Bennifer and TomKat.

How about Big Bang Calavera?

(They can even wear matching wristwatches…)



Session 3 - Lightly Armoured Ball Gown: We try the combat system. HOW much damage?


Session 4 - A Learning Experience: How hard can it be to hit a guy with a car door? Or indeed to get out of a car? Or defuse a bomb? OK, that one may be quite hard.


Streetwise, harborwise… Does Cyberpunk 2020 have (street) samurai? If so, could you have a knowledge skill relating to the culture of these “street sammies” - perhaps something called Samwise?


No, that’s one of the few things Cyberpunk didn’t, er, pay homage to. They’re all over Shadowrun though.


“Kamikaze” is a “heavenly wind”, so a kamikaze hitman would be something akin to an “assassin wind” - very impressive, so long as you’re careful not to mispronounce it as “passing wind”…


If Lordo’s character keeps getting upgrades, he’ll have to start looking for more affordable options. Sooner or later, he might end up at Ocelot’s Discount Cyber Shop, being fitted with one of their trialware MRAM chips on Zimbabwean Tribal Culture, or perhaps acquiring a “Charley Horse” dimpleware chip.

Speaking of cyberware, the Mr. Studd promotional at the start of each episode might be… quite memorable, but it could be worse. It could be an ad for the Penile Mono-Spike.


Much as I like a nickname, I feel ‘lordo’ sounds dangerously close to ‘lardo’…


Hang on, that reminds me of a photo I have around here somewhere…


Surely, that’s how “Lordof1” is meant to be read? After all, based on the quality of Cornish, Welsh, and other British accents heard on the podcast, the numeral 1 is probably French. (Un, as in: Un, deux, trois-vesty…)

Then, “Lordof1” = “Lord o’ fun”!


Session 5 - Bringing a Missile to a Knife Fight: Leaving a trail of dead beautiful women like so many blown roses behind him…


Good thing Calavera’s palate-button only triggers a Sandivistan, and not a Sandinista. Otherwise, he’d spend every combat coughing up Nicaraguan rebels.


Why settle for mere kevlar lining in your nasal cavity? Go on, use a non-stick teflon coating. Much easier to clean. Lets the bogies just slide right out.


Also available for other orifices.


Putting a tiller on a car? Does that mean Cap’n Bang-Bang’s Drive Auto skill points will have to be transferred to Drive Yacht-o?


Session 6 - My Clem Fandango is Clepwhackered: The real world is more advanced than the game world, but nonetheless some progress is made. As with so many adventures, it comes down to someone hanging around the docks…


For example, here is a thing you can do right now in the real world.



And of course, who could forget Harper Lee’s classic Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, To Clepwhack a Mockingbird (or, as the hardcore fans call it: Clepwhackingbird.)


Session 7 - Crowding Around the Ice Cream Cake: Bleed out on the docks, or set up a party in a luxury hotel? The somewhat murdery conclusion.