Welcome to new users

The Shut Up and Sit Down forums, where I’ve been a happy participant for some years, are to be permanently closed down on Friday Friday 8 May.

Some of the regulars may be coming here. Welcome!

This has been a pretty quiet site so far, especially on the boardgaming side; I’ll create additional categories as they seem to be required. We have the standard sort of rules, but “be cool” pretty much covers it.


I’ll be one of those, just give me some time and I will have a lovely Confused Wookie picture to avoid any confusion to any previous SU&SD forums users. Thanks for the opportunity @RogerBW very much appreciated


If everyone transfers here @RogerBW, will it not rather overwhelm your site?

As you may have seen, I have set up another forum, but I’m happy to change it and come here if it proves better

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On a technical level - the server has plenty of capacity, and I have the possibility of migration if it does get too sluggish.

On a social level - this isn’t a concern for me. We’re all gamers…


Oh, anyone who has custom titles they’d like brought over, or would like new ones, poke me once you’ve signed up.


Cool. The only things I’d possibly separate out from your current set up is a general discussion/off topic board and a PbF board. Or is the latter the Roleplaying Games board?

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under RPGs, but I’ll make one for boardgames too…


I am here. I am here.
There I go and fail to check the forums for 2 days.


Greetings to the SUSD newbies. As a pretty senior and important person in these here parts, I’d like to invite you all to pull up a hoss, throw a tinnie on the barbie, and make a nice cup of Rosie Lee while you settle in, pardners! It’s inexpressibly delicious to have you all with us. Especially you.

Feel free to ask me any questions you like, unless they’re of a technical nature - that’s Roger’s department. Ooh or sociological - I’m not very good with people, honesly. Oh, also I love board games and RPGs but I’m crap at them, so maybe direct them elsewhere. Basically, I’m open for general medical enquiries and debates about who was the best Star Trek captain*.

Lovely to see you all here! Hello :slight_smile:

*although it was Kirk, obviously, so no point debating.


There can be only one Picard … quickly ducks away. Though I do love me some Spock and Bones.


Sisko, no question. Janeway as a close second, Picard 3rd, new-Kirk 4th, old-Kirk 5th, Archer 6th, and I haven’t seen Discovery yet so I have no opinions about whoever they got to captain that show.

1st Officers: Kira, Riker, T’Pol, Spock, Chakotay.


Great, and now this forum will close due to a flame war, too*.


There was no flame war at the old forum


Thank the Dog for that!


Thanks for the warm welcome!


Hello all! @Lordof1 is correct - Kirk was obviously the best Star Trek captain.


Welcome, MuttonchopMac!

Kirk was great, I think, for his time (if a tad cringey now). I grew up watching Picard and he will always be “my captain”.

Sadly, none of the other series ever clicked with me (which is totally on me; by all accounts the writing and storytelling only got better with Voyager, Deep Space 9 and perhaps even the rest - I don’t even know!)

Best first officer was clearly Number 1 from Discovery. Actually anticipated orders. Riker was so reactionary!

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Riker will always be that “cool uncle” that tried just a little too hard to be that “cool uncle”.

It’s laughable and that’s why he’s my favorite. I think the writing for his character was just exasperatingly awful in the series.

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But the chairs! The chairs!


You know who I haven’t welcomed?

@discobot are you here?