V-Commandos: Wipe


Crowbar, grenade, two enemy uniforms. My feeling, which you’re welcome to override, is that the crowbar and uniforms are more useful than either the grenade already in hand or the newly-dropped one.


I think you’re right: she’ll dump the grenade and take the two uniforms and the crowbar.

Bruno saves his last action.


Sapper goes south overtly [1], plants charge [0], picks up all the equipment [0], goes north [1].

  • Enemy reinforcements:

(Sapper detonates the charge with zero actions.)

  • Enemy moves: S
  • No enemy fire

And I think that gets us out on turn 13. Each of us has a saved action, and only one of us needs to spend one to get the trapdoor open.

I’ll take the Medic with silenced Sten for the next stage… which I’ll set up tomorrow.

To keep the event deck in sync:


One decision before we go in: who goes where?

I’m assuming the Sapper goes to the Panzer Depot because that’s the one that involves blowing things up, so the Medic goes to the Lighthouse. How do you want to split Bruno and the Sniper?


Bruno with the Sapper, Sniper with the Medic, please. That gets us a silenced weapon both places.


OK, the map stands as posted.

North event:

(we are not on outdoor tiles)
South event:


North thoughts: does it make sense to start at that western trapdoor? This leans on that silenced Sten, but: if the northern small tile enemy is shot this time, the reinforcement will lock onto the objective marker and not move south. Then we split up; perhaps Bruno wall-hops east, while Sapper holds off the enemy in the north (loudly). (This is not a complete plan.)

South thoughts: this ends with one of us in the machine gun nest while the other is in the objective, I think (and they’ll have to end two turns visible on the large tile, so as to be able to spend the 4AP in one go, so the machine-gunner will have a lot to do). But with no choice of entry point we have to start by working round that eastern bit: up, shoot, save for the medic.


In the north, your plan looks reasonable.

In the south, we’re missing two uniforms and a crowbar on the sniper in exchange for a grenade. And those make the south a lot more practical. She and the medic don those uniforms before entry, and the medic takes the crowbar.


I remember changing those. Ah well. I don’t think we have the spare actions to put the uniforms on before coming in - turn 13 needed three full actions from the sniper, and the medic hasn’t had any actions yet.

I’ll leave the Sapper in the north until Bruno’s done his thing. In the south: medic will go up, shoot south, then either don uniform or shoot south again. Looking for 4+:

@discobot roll 4d6


:game_die: 2, 1, 2, 6


Second shot does it. Drops: First Aid kit.

Sniper can come up, don, save, I guess.


That’s fine. If you give her the crowbar she can crowbar the E entrance after you’ve shot the German who comes through it.

Bruno comes up (1), shoots door (1), E (1) … rats, don’t have enough actions to shoot the door to the N and the guard beyond it. Save.


[Bruno] If you can’t shoot north, the new reinforcement’s going to come south and potentially see you.


That’s why I have a saved action to shoot him. Or does that not work?


You can only spend a saved action (or do a zero-point action) between enemy phases. So enemy movement would finish (and you’d have a spotting check and potential alarm activation), then you could shoot him before he shoots you.


Ah, OK. In that case, Bruno’s actions are just up, shoot door, save.

  • Enemy reinforcements
    • North
    • South
  • Enemy movement: north moves S, south moves N. (But that new one in the east has locked on to the objective.)
  • No enemy fire.

Turn 15

North event:

South event:

(There aren’t any special enemies left in the reserve…)


South: medic shoots (twice if needed), dons uniform, saves if possible. Then next turn we should be able to push through.

North: Bruno shoots that guard, we all pile into the central small room, Bruno shoots the N door?


That plan looks good. Bruno shooting that guard:

@discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 5, 5