V-Commandos: Wipe

This is another four-player mission.

A rules note: escorted characters may automatically follow a commando leaving their tile. Whether they are stealthy depends on the specific one; I think both of these can be either stealthy or visible depending on what the commando they’re following does.

Explosions are wanted in the Ruins and the Panzer Depot, so I might go with the BAR Sapper again, but I’m happy to see what other people fancy.

I’ll take my usual Bruno with silent Sten, please. There’s an oddity in that the middle terrain only accommodates three commandos.

That’s covered in the scenario-specific rules - there’s no automatic alarm in this case.

Aha, I’ve now spotted the difference between the two renderings of the “Special” stamp on the scenario cards. With my red/green problem, they’re nearly indistinguishable.

Ah. The decorative “V” is meant also to indicate advanced rules.

(Alas, the cards’ backgrounds are too mucky for good OCR.)

@Lordof1, any preference for one or two characters?

Just one, please! I’d like er… sniper? The one that can shoot entrances closed.

I think snipey is going to be most useful on the forest road, by the looks of it.

If Bruno’s going to the Tower, I’ll take the brown Scout to the Forest Road

If Bruno’s going to the Forest Road, I’ll take the brown Scout to the Tower.

Either way I’ll take the brown Sapper to the Tower.

Bruno will go to the Tower, please.

OK, we’re all set up - and the server is working again.

Turn 1

North event:

South event:

In the Tower: we have a 5 turn limit, and it’s 1 AP to free a prisoner. Bruno can wall-hop to get from the NW corner to prisoner #2, but the prisoner can’t follow him back by that route.

The Sapper’s minimum-time rescue is:

  1. up, stealthily north
  2. shoot door (alarm), north, rescue
  3. stealthily south, south
  4. down

If Bruno stays with me on turn 2, he can shoot that door, north, wall-hop E; turn 3, shoot door, in, rescue; turn 4, W, save; turn 5, dash across the central area and out through the second trapdoor. (The Sapper may have done some machine-gunning through the door on turn 3.) This is clearly not a complete plan.

On the Forest Road: neither of us has a silent weapon. So we have to try for a CC kill on that first guard in the south-central room if we move out that way, and eventually we’ll have to. And with enemies moving north, there’s nowhere the scout can get to through a window that’ll keep him safe. So turn 1 is probably come up and save; on turn 2 we might start risking vis checks.

In the Tower, that looks like the start of a plan. I don’t see how it can be done in 4 turns, but we don’t have to.

Up (1), stealthily N (2).

Ditto Sapper.

While we’re waiting for the Forest Road moves, the German markers at the objectives are enemies, rather than the people to be rescued, aren’t they?

Yes. As standard, every triangular marker gets a 2-dot enemy on it. When we spend the AP on the objective marker, it will change to a hostage marker.

Damn, I can’t do my part in 5 turns. Turn 2 is shoot door, shoot German, N. Turn 3 is wall-hop E, shoot door to the E, shoot German in there. Turn 4 is in, rescue, out. Turn 5 is open move S, open move S, open trap-door … and I can’t get out. It doesn’t work even if all the shooting succeeds.

Could I ask you to try shooting the guard in the MG nest, and then get the SE trapdoor open?

Yes, but it’s tricky.

I can shoot the machine-gunner (70% chance of killing him per action). But then I’m visible. So I can shoot twice and save (shooting the N door if I get the gunner on the first shot), then you shoot N; that saves you one action at best. Then I duck N or S, ideally N, with my saved action to become stealthy again.

If the NW prisoner is following me, I think I need to stash him in the SW room (on turn 3). Then I can come out and do more shooting.

If we don’t end the turn stealthy the MG nest will refill every turn.

@Lordof1 are you out there?

Argh, wasn’t clear. I didn’t mean shoot the MG nest now, that would be silly. Stash the NW prisoner, then come back to where you are now and do shooting and opening on turn 4 and/or turn 5.

Surely - and depending on how actions work within turn divisions that might even be before the prisoner is out.