V-Commandos: Wipe


As you say, Roger, all I can do this turn is come up and save, so that’s done. Apologies for the long delay.

  • Enemy reinforcements
    • North
    • South
  • Enemy movement: north E, south N.
  • No enemy fire

Turn 2

North event:

South event:


Bruno will shoot the door, then shoot the German in there:

@discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 1, 6


That got him, move N, turn over.


Given your abilities, you’re probably best to attempt stealthing west, Roger. I’ll see what happens.


Drops: TNT.

In the north, Sapper will go N, Rescue, Save action. I’ll get that bloke out, and/or cover the central tile as needed.

In the south: pity we don’t have the reroll event from the north. Move W, risking a visibility check.

@discobot roll 1d6


:game_die: 3


Second action: close-combat kill. He drops a Spotted token.
Third: crowbar the entrance.

Next turn I can risk another vis check to get to the northern objective, but I can’t actually complete it. Still, slow and steady.


Slow and steady, check. I’ll stealth west and save, just a back-up in case things go badly, but my plan is to stay here so we can simultaneously do the objectives.

  • Enemy reinforcements
    • North
    • South
  • Enemy movement: north
  • No enemy fire

Turn 3

North event:

South event:


In the south: I don’t really want to be in the NW large tile at the end of the turn, because of those troops moving W. Keep hiding?

In the north: I’m guessing that Bruno crosses into the small tile, shoots door, shoots guard. Anything wanted from me? I can get the first prisoner to the trapdoor tile if I do nothing else.


That is Bruno’s plan. @discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 2, 1


Damn, that is going to make life difficult.


(edited because I missed an obvious thing)

I can move south and then shoot east, if you think that’ll help…


Doing that this turn won’t help.

Question: Can a rescued prisoner follow me in wall-hopping?


That’s an interesting question. I had assumed not, but the rules say (p. 21):

  • May follow a commando located on the same tile when this commando performs one of the following actions:
    • Moving,
    • Moving stealthily onto a medium tile,
    • Exiting through a trap door.

And when he uses his “through windows” ability, Bruno is “performing any moving action”. So… maybe yes?


OK, let’s see if we can get this to work. On turn 4, Bruno will shoot, move in, rescue. On turn 5 he will wall-hop S, move S, and exit. For that to work, we need the big tile empty of Germans on turn 5, and the trapdoor in the SE already open. Can you achieve that?


Yes, I think keep hiding, although the clock is ticking on this crowbar… I don’t think it’s worth the risk of heading west to kill that guy.