V-Commandos: Victory

Welcome back @JGD and @COMaestro. This operation uses the rules from the Résistance expansion: binoculars and air drops, officers and guard dogs, and poison gas barrels.

In addition to the standard Officer, Sapper, Scout, Sniper, Medic and Kickstarter extras Sergent Bruno and Death Cheater, we have the Résistance commandos: SOE Agent, Saboteur, and Spy. (Also Jamie Finnlock, but he’s functionally identical to the Saboteur – in case we want to play two of them for some reason.)

I’ve played this operation face-to-face; I seem to remember charging out of the attic terrain on a captured motorcycle (event card) with the first two pilots as it all fell apart.

Please indicate your command preferences, and I’ll get the first map set up.

Sgt Bruno, with the silenced Sten, please.

Is there a misprint on one of the Spies? One has it listed as P for the Welrod roll 2 dice choose 1, while the other has 1AP. Pl7s, I would think the ability to only be detected on a 1 while wearing a German uniform would be p and not take 1AP.

I think they are misprints. Swap the P and 1A on the gold side and it gets more consistent, so that’s what I’ll assume.

…in the bunker.

“But that’s always the solution! I’m bored with this Cluedo Wartime Edition.”

I am tempted to go with the Spy that is only spotted on a 1.

Thought about the other one, but how often do we do close combat attacks? Once in the entirety of the last game?

Well, to do a close combat attack you have to have passed a stealth check to be unobserved in the enemy’s space.

The benefit of ignoring the Spotted token only applies if there is at least one other enemy in the same space (in other words you’ve probably passed at least two stealth checks, though there are some fiddly edge cases).

Every time I make a plan based on passing a stealth check, it goes horribly wrong. I feel the game has sent its message effectively.

Exactly. Figure reducing my chance of failure to 1 in 6 might help, but then I don’t get the chloroform close attack ability. Feels like both of those abilities should be on one commando, but paired with the silenced weapon might make it too powerful, so I can see why they were split.

I’ll play someone else if you like?

No, that was purely a joke. @COMaestro, what would you like to play?

I’ll do the spy with the uniform ability.

Having thought about it a bit, I’ll go for Officer with silenced Sten plus Assault.

Turn 1

A reminder: a gas barrel is attacked like an enemy unit. Destroying it makes that tile lethal to anyone without a gas mask icon until the end of the turn.

Does it set off the alarm?

And what is that second token on my commando?

Destroying a gas barrel does not intrinscally set off the alarm. And that second equipment token should be an enemy uniform, but I appear to have pasted in a Panzerfaust by mistake.

Okay, good. I thought I started with a uniform and was confused.

Can the guy in the nest be killed using close combat?

Yes, if you can be on that tile and stealthy you can close-combat him normally.

Excellent. I may attempt that for my first turn of actions. We obviously need to discuss our plan of attack first though.

Well, bear in mind that at setup you’re carrying rather than wearing the uniform. So I suspect turn 1 might take the form (up), (don uniform), (save). The bunker isn’t adjacent to our entry point, so we can’t shoot from there; I think for Bruno and the Officer it might be just (up), (save).

More generally: while Bruno can wall-hop directly into the objective room, with two guards he probably doesn’t want to.

I think that special movement abilities (like wall-hopping) have been established as working with escorted characters, but I want to check.

Aha! In the unreleased second printing rulebook which I have from a friend who worked on the translation, an escorted character explicitly

  • Does not benefit from the special skills of the commando
    who is escorting him. For example, he cannot sneak through
    walls like the Scout if the latter escorts him.

Ah, you’re absolutely right. I was forgetting putting on the uniform and just coming up out of the stairs are both actions. So yep, up, don uniform, save will be my first turn.

Bruno will come up and save, ready to shoot an entering guard to the north.