V-Commandos: Time Pencil


Forgot about that crowbar/objective thing. :frowning:

Going E to open the trapdoor takes too long, I believe. If we need to get through the MG in any case, why don’t we take it out on the way in and ignore the large room? Especially when we can’t return that way? The only advantage there is that we can turn off the alarm once.

My move could be: Sneak N (1), Sneak N (1), if not seen knife the machinegunner. If seen seen we are in trouble, I’d have two actions for 5-6 on a d6 to eliminate him.


@JGD: yes, sorry, another uniform and a TNT charge.

@AstaSyneri, well that’s better than anyone else can manage. I’m going to have to be blatant, though, unless I risk a visibility check on that outdoor tile.


Here we go then. Sneak N, Sneak N - will the MG see me (on 1 or 2)?
@discobot roll 1d6


:game_die: 4


Thank you, Discobot!

Well, the poor soldier never saw me coming, nor my knife. Assuming that manning the MG is a 0 AP-Action I keep my last one +1.


My move is stealthy west then saving. I sending this message from the kid-packed hell on Earth known as Crealy Adventure Park.

@JGD I can’t see a way to get through the door without alarming, so if you’re okay I’ll do it next turn, alternatively I could wait another round? I’m worried about guards building up though.

@RogerBW I’m assuming it doesn’t matter which exits we leave through once we’ve got the objectives? Can we leave through different ones?


@AstaSyneri, yes, there’s no cost to move in or out of the MG nest. He drops a first aid kit.

Death Cheater moves blatantly S, blatantly N, and stealthily N, to end up invisible on the northern tile.

@Lordof1: the basic victory condition is “all objectives completed, at least one commando gets out through a trap door”. There’s no distinction between exits.

Enemy reinforcements

  • North
  • South
    enemy-2 (so the enemy-1 gets in there too)

Northern enemies move north. Visibility check for Bruno.
@discobot roll 1d6


:game_die: 6


WTH? What do these Germans fight with? Syringes and cotton balls?

Time to go loud? Unleash the MG and clear the E and S rooms, you go in for the objective and turn the alarm off?


Southern enemies move west.

No commandos visible, so no enemy fire.

Turn 10

North Event:

(there are no blocked enemy tokens)
South Event:



If you shoot first, there are three distinct targets: the large room, the door, and the enemy in the small room. And you’ll be visible once you’ve shot.

On the other hand I can’t cancel the alarm, because it’s on a large tile so I’d immediately set it off again.

So I could (1) shoot the door, (1) shoot MG into the big room, (1) shoot MG into the small room, (1) move east, ready to do the objective next turn; meanwhile you could have all your actions to sneak south, close-combat or shoot the two enemies, and cancel the alarm.

(then on my next turn I do the objective and move stealthily W; on the turn after that I run for the exit, ending up in a small room)


When did we trigger the alarm on our tile?
Go ahead and clear the rooms out, I’ll then turn off the alarm.


My action last turn.

Shooting the door, automatic success.
Shooting the MG into the big room, needing 2+:
@discobot roll 4d6


:game_die: 2, 1, 3, 5


Drops: crowbar, grenade
Shooting the MG into the small room, needing 4+:
@discobot roll 4d6


:game_die: 5, 2, 6, 1


Drops: uniform

action 4 is to move into the small room.


Sneak S (2A), turn off Alarm (1A), keep +1


On turn 9’s enemy movement, the one who came N into Bruno’s room can move S again, as can the two by the N trapdoor. On turn 10, Bruno collects the radar parts (2), and moves stealthily W (1).