V-Commandos: Time Pencil


Bruno is still in the German uniform he had on in the first terrain.


Fixed for the next update.

Tomorrow I’ll be out all day at https://www.dudleybugball.org.uk/ .


Thanks for the fix and have fun.


My youngest daughter puked all evening long. :frowning:

Up, Sneak S, Bar the Door to the South, keep the +1 and see what develops-


Commando ops are not for the squeamish.


My sniper will enter the south trapdoor on the north map, head west, and save an action.

I feel splitting up might get us those objectives quicker, at least while we’re sneaky - when things go pear-shaped I’ll mainly be closing down entrances? My plan next turn is to stealth into the medium tile, but I can’t shoot the lock without setting off the alarm. Any ideas? I may wait here until you’ve done your magic, and if the alarm goes off I’ll use the confusion to blow the door.

@AstaSyneri many sympathies! I have been there, I sincerely hope she’s better today and that you managed to get some sleep!


How do I quote?

Anyways, thanks for your sympathies. She’s better after a quiet second half and my wife took the brunt ot it, after she returned later that evening. So, all is quiet now on that front.


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OK, but please don’t start shooting unless the alarm goes off. Stopping it on this map is awkward. If it does go off, shutting down entrances will be important.

Please wait, unless the alarm goes off.

Likewise. Today will be a slow day anyway with Roger away.


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Enemy reinforcements:

  • North A, enemy-3
  • North B, enemy-2
  • South A, enemy-2-hammer
  • South B, enemy-1 (blocked for now)
  • South C, enemy-1

Enemy movement: north and north.
Enemy fire: no visible targets.

Enemy bag status:
28 enemy-1/2
4 enemy-1/2-hammer
5 enemy-3
2 zero

Turn 9

Event north:

Event south:


Well, well. I’ll move the two to the E of me S, then I’ll shoot the door to my E open (1) move E (1) going stealthy, and collect the radar components (2).


@RogerBW Do we have a plan?

You could try to bar the 2nd southern entry point.

Then I could try to sneak north and knife the machine gunner (will he leave on his own volition otherwise?). But there is risk in that.

It’s going to be hard to get to our objective without going loud. Thoughts?


@JGD: that move which you can command will happen in the enemy movement phase, not now.

@AstaSyneri, planning in the south:

We absolutely need a crowbar for the objective. So I’d rather not rely on finding another one.

A move west means that the first outdoor tile will have someone in it. So will the southern room (from entrance C) even if the crowbar holds.

Going blatant is one option; that would leave us in the north outdoor tile, visible, with one one-die enemy shooting at us and the door to the objective open. Then next turn one of us completes the objective, the other shoots the enemies in the big room, and we all run south for the exit.

If we want to stay subtle, I think we end up going into the middle southern outdoor space, possibly opening that second trap door; then next turn we tackle the big room. I think I probably prefer this. Note that once the objective is completed the southern door to that room vanishes, so we have to go out past the machine gun nest.


OK, shoot the door (1), then start shooting the Germans to my E:
@discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 6, 1


Shoot the remaining German:
@discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 5, 6


All Germans to my E down, move in stealthily.



Thanks, did those Germans drop anything? I’m not clear on when that happens.