V-Commandos: Time Pencil


I’ll squeeze through the indoors window S ;-), pickup the UPS parcel on the table with my gun in it, and squeeze back N. As a precaution I’ll take a +1, but could also leave through the trapdoor.


It’s two actions to score the objective, I’m afraid. It does also get you a choice of green equipment out of the discard pile, which will be a grenade or a uniform.

Enemy reinforcements:

  • enemy-1
  • enemy-3
  • enemy-1-hammer

Enemies move north and have nobody to shoot at.

Turn 7

We can all get out with +1s.

Now we need to split up, and possibly reallocate equipment, for phase 2.

Note the special rule for the villa, that the door to the large area is permanently removed when the objective is completed.


I’m sorry, but I don’t understand how this matches up with the text on the villa card.

Could someone first-aid me before we split up?


I’d like the discarded grenade - we still haven’t found a weapon for me to use, right?

I am indifferent on which part to tackle, just team me up. Picked up the uniform, too - for somebody else to use.


You have the pistol on your character card now, but we haven’t got a good weapon for you.

I think we probably want a wall-hopper in each team.


@JGD - in the Villa card, we need to get to the objective spot and discard a crowbar and 1AP. The operation-specific rule says that the southern door of that spot is removed once the objective is complete.

Yes, I’ll do the first aid before we go.

@AstaSyneri - this is not a conventional equipment pickup but a special rule for the terrain - you can pick up one green equipment token out of the discard pile, which right now means another grenade or the uniform.

If Bruno goes one way and Scout Tomlin goes the other, I suggest that probably the sniper should go with Bruno and Death Cheater with the scout, to keep the firepower relatively even.


Fine with me, Judy put me anywhere


Fine with me, too. Shall we take the radar station?


Sounds good to me, okay!


What do we have in the way of equipment that we can swap? I’m in enemy uniform, which I’d like to keep, but if anyone has a firm plan for it, I could give it up.


Have we got a crowbar between us? Might be useful, looking at the map.


@AstaSyneri has one, but looking at their map, I think they’ll be advantaged by keeping it. I believe I can shoot open doors without raising the alarm - is that right, Roger? Does it make me visible?


Since your weapon doesn’t have an “alarm” or “visible” tag, shooting a door doesn’t make those things happen. It’s an automatic success, no die roll needed.

Just waiting for @AstaSyneri to confirm that last equipment pickup - and yes, we can swap carried equipment as needed.


Which of the radar station entrances do we come in at?


Looking at the rules to try to confirm that my first instinct, “any open trap door”, is correct, I see that it’s possible to move between open trap doors (enter, end turn, move out on next turn) even between multiple terrains. (But there’s still a limit of two commandos per terrain, on these particular tiles, without setting off the alarm.)


Ooo… In that case, @Lordof1, how about we start with the N entrance? I would come up (1), shoot the door E (1), and move E (1). You come up (1), move E (1) and save (1).


So I picked up the extra grenade only, fine with me. As is everything else (I’d like to keep my crowbar).

I am in the Villa, the lower image.

@RogerBW Do you want to fetch the crowbar to the North, while I go bar the enemy spawn to the South?


Sounds workable. I’ll end up stealthy in the south room.

(Map correction - one soldier on each MG nest.)

Turn 8

Events, north and south:


Bruno will enter in the N trapdoor on the north map, shoot the door to his east open, go through it, and go stealthy in that room.


Death Cheater comes out (1), goes N (1), pick up crowbar (0), S (1), then stops because I don’t have enough actions to go stealthily S.