V-Commandos: Time Pencil

The historical Operation Biting involved roughly 120 airborne troops (of C Company, 2nd Parachute Batallion, 1st Airborne Division). We’re going to do it with four.

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Note that the Forest terrain has a limit of 3 commandos - so when we’re all on it the alarm will go off automatically.

Welcome to @AstaSyneri who will be joining us for this game.

Here’s the full array of available commandos (including Kickstarter extras). Some notes:

  • We have to pick the ones we’ll initially be playing, and then one more to be the backup for stage two if needed.
  • Gander the dog does not count as a commando or get assigned to a player. We simply choose to take him or not.

I will take last pick.

Ooh. Expansion time. Have to cook now, will select later. If that is too slow, Medic.

I’m going to be out this evening anyway, so no immediate rush. But you do need to pick which side of the card.

(These aren’t Secret Weapons or Résistance expansion components, just Kickstarter extras intended for use with the base game.)

Hello everybody, I’d like to go with the Golden Scout, Harry Tomlin.

Backup depends on who everybody selects as their first choice - and I don’t mind really.

I’ll take Sergent Bruno with the silent Sten, please.

Welcome Asta! I’m sure this operation will easily be as successful as the one it’s modelled on was. I’ll be the silver sniper please.

I just call 'em brown and blue…

I’ll give Death Cheater a try, blue variant, plus Gander to see how he works.

I think we still have to decide:

  • who is the replacement commando (I suggest Officer or Medic)
  • which one of us has their starting kit (I suggest Sgt Bruno with the silenced Sten)

I agree with Bruno having his kit. Shall we bring the doggie? And I vote officer.

OK with me. Roger’s already bringing the dog.

Ownership of the dog matters because he can only take action points from one of us - since I get four per turn (but can’t save) I reckon it makes sense that it should be me.

Turn 1 begins.

(I read that as “with at least one die rolling a 1”.)

Up, east, shoot, looks like a good start. We can’t get out of this bottom section without tripping the alarm on the central space, except for Bruno.

OK, Bruno will come up, move East, and shoot the guard further East,
@discobot roll 2d6

:game_die: 6, 1

Weapon jammed, damit. I suggest people come up, join me, and save actions, but do nothing more.

I’ll send Gander round to the medium outdoor tile. (He’s permanently in enemy uniform so can move freely over the large one.)

Yes, Up, East, +1 for Harry.

My general plan for next turn (depending on opposition, of course), would be to sneak North and either do knife work (if we are desperate) or go west, ideally at some point securing the alarm.

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You could go west-north-north and close-combat one of the guards on the alarm, but there’ll be two by then. Bruno hasn’t been able to save an action. Sniper and I can’t get out of this base area without setting off the alarm, I think.

Up, east and save. If we can’t move north, Roger, we could try to eliminate to the east and grab the supplies between us? We might get a uniform if we’re lucky.

Additionally, we might be able to get out if Asta crowbars the entrance to the north of us closed?

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