V-Commandos: Time Pencil


I should have waited, right?


Ah well. It was probably going to happen.

(Asking for a roll of e.g. 1d6+1 doesn’t seem to work reliably.)

OK, the alarm is active again, but you can get to the objective and/or shoot that guard


I can do something about this, but I presumably have to wait for @AstaSyneri’s turn to finish?


Yes. Also, once the alarm is triggered a second time, it can’t be cancelled.


Am I better closing one of the enemy routes this turn again or running in to help? My instinct is use 2 actions to try close off the middle enemy route?


My feeling, and it is just a feeling, is that we can now ignore the lower three entrances, and concentrate on that last one at the top - because we don’t need to go into the lower half of the map any more. We’re committed to the alarm being active, so we don’t need to worry about alarm-activating actions - as long as we can avoid being visible at the ends of our turns. So we just have to fight our way along the top row - you and I through the door, Scout and Bruno through the walls.


Okay, well then, on my go (has @AstaSyneri 's finished yet?) I’ll go in, shoot twice if required, save an action if not.


@AstaSyneri has spent one action and is in the NW corner, visible, with two actions left. (Ideally one of those would be spent moving back east to become invisible, though this means taking a shot from the guard.)


I don’t see another way. Let’s get out and nuke it from orbit!

Sneak E (eat the bullet) and then +1 Action.


N through the wall into the alarm room. Shoot E into the room with an objective.
@discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 1, 6


Guard to the east is down. Save an action.


The guard’s shot at the scout, needing a 4+:

@discobot roll 1d6


:game_die: 3


@JGD: Aha, it’s an east/west thing. That guard drops a Spotted token, which has no effect as there’s nobody to see it.

I’ve just noticed that there’s an objective in the small room full of enemies. I suspect that the best bet may be to wait until those guys move out on a W movement, then one of our wall-sneakers goes for it from the exit room.

Death Cheater will crowbar the door (1), move north followed by Gander (1), score the objective (2). Unlocking his own gun, unless @AstaSyneri would prefer the pistol?

Terrain-specific rules also allow me to get a green equipment token out of the discard pile, and now there is a discard pile – a grenade.

@Lordof1 to finish our turn. Blocking the north entrance sounds good to me.


looks carefully down the sights. Takes a deep breath.

@discobot roll 1d6


:game_die: 6


Moves north to enter stealth.


@RogerBW No, I’ll wait for the first weapon drop. My weapon is crap.



@Lordof1, please note - while your weapon sets off the alarm it does not make you visible. (Cunning sniper tactics.)

Enemy reinforcements:

  • enemy-2

Enemies move north.
Enemies have nobody to fire at.

Turn 5

I feel that I will probably be doing some shooting; in fact, taking the first activation to move east, grenade, shoot, shoot seems like a reasonable plan. Trusting that the sniper will keep that entrance closed.