V-Commandos: Starter


A sudden thought occurs to me that might help you live. How about crowbarring the entrance this turn, planting and escaping next?


Oh, good thought. Do that.


Sapper moves S, S, plants and saves.

  • Enemy reinforcements
  • Enemies move E (nobody can).
  • No enemy fire

Medic will burn his +1.


Scout will plant (1), and leave to the East (1), in the northern half of the east side so that I’m clear of the enemy coming West. Save. Could the Sapper bring that StG44 with him? I could use a bigger gun.


Medic will shoot E for 3+, perhaps twice, and save.
@discobot roll 4d6


:game_die: 1, 3, 2, 1


Another first aid kit.


(It would be nice to wait for the southern forces to move north before we set off the charges. Not sure if it’s worth it, though, since by then the alarm will be going off so the Sapper may as well shoot lots.)


North (bringing and dropping bigger gun) and shoot west.

@discobot roll 3d6


:game_die: 6, 6, 1


Pow, then west and shoot south.

@discobot roll 3d6


:game_die: 3, 4, 2


Although… wait, sorry, how do I even get into the large western room? Am I not able to?


You can neither shoot nor move west until we set off the charges.
Options I see for that are:

(1) right now during your move. Which sets off the alarm before this turn’s reinforcements.
(2) after reinforcements have happened but before movement. Which lets the one from the E entrance be sent south-west rather than north-west to where I’m lurking.
(3) on a later turn, ideally when the guys in south-central have moved north again. In that case I probably use my saved action to shoot the new enemy in the E.

(Also if you’d stayed visible in the big tile the reinforcements from the north would have shot you a lot.)


So assuming you go N, N and save:

  • Enemy reinforcements
  • Enemy movement W (nobody can move)
  • No enemy fire

Turn 5


OK, I wasn’t proposing to wait much longer, but let’s take advantage of that N movement to blow up the southern enemy. In which case this turn we just sit and save.


Fine with me. Fine with me.


Okey dokely, fine with me.


OK. We all have saved AP already.

  • Enemy reinforcements
  • Enemy movement: north
  • No enemy fire.

I’ll take the first shot:
@discobot roll 1d6


:game_die: 2


Huh. Actually there’s not much point, is there - we’re about to be visible, and dash across the open space, anyway!