V-Commandos: Starter

Three-player mission, Kickstarter bonus (thus the location), with quite a few special rules.

Looks like we need a scout, and a silenced weapon. I’ll take the wall-hopping scout if someone else can bring a silenced weapon.

I’m happy to take medic or officer with silenced Sten.

Right-oh. I think the trick with the Ruins is to plant a charge on the big tile first, before it gets too crowded.

Well I’ll be the gold sapper, see how it goes.

Turn 1

The crater tile is going to get this turn’s eastern reinforcement moving into it - unless he gets stealth-killed first. So I could see Medic going up, save, with that in mind.

Yes, please. Scout goes up (1), north (1), grab a charge (0), west (1).

OK. Assuming you’re taking a charge with you.


A cautious up and save for me.

  • Enemy reinforcements:

Medic uses his saved AP for a shot at that new one in the E, looking for 3+:

@discobot roll 2d6

:game_die: 6, 6

Drops a first aid kit.

I forgot the southern entrance: enemy-1.

  • Enemy movement is W. Nobody can actually move.
  • No enemy fire

Turn 2

Not only is that unhelpful, we don’t know which way they’ll be patrolling…

Oh, well, let’s try my plan for the scout. Wall-hop west (2) and see if I get spotted.

Two visibility checks, spotted on 1-2:
@discobot roll 2d6

:game_die: 1, 3

OK, how do I minimise getting shot at? Presumably if I leave now I get shot at; if I plant and leave next turn, do I get two sets of shot-at?

Yes. Things that will trigger shooting are:

  1. Leaving a tile while visible.
  2. Being visible during the enemy shooting phase.

OK, wall-hop back whence I came.

That gets you three shots, sadly at the hitting odds of the tile you’re leaving:
@discobot roll 3d6