V-Commandos: Snowflake


:game_die: 6


Turn 19

Event has no effect. At the end of this turn we discard the entry tile.

My people seem to have got left behind, but a basic three actions is enough to get even the medic into the central northern room, albeit visibly, once the door has been opened and the remaining NW enemy shot. Shooting E with any spare actions seems like a good plan.


Bruno shoots the enemy on the NW tile with him and DC. Needing 3:

@discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 6, 1


Got him. Shoot door, move E.


Question: Is the German in the objective room the officer we have to question, or someone who should be shot?


Drops another spotted token, no effect.

Someone who should be shot. (And it does occur to me that at one turn-end we might legitimately fill that room to stop anyone else getting in.)

(You could have close-combatted that enemy, since he hadn’t spotted you, but it makes no difference.)

Sapper goes north, east, crowbar.

Medic goes north, north, east and is now visible.

@Lordof1, if you felt like coming in, shooting the door, and shooting east once or twice I certainly wouldn’t complain.


I’m a bit low on actions and currently visible. My plan was to stealth east, I can shoot the door but nothing else, otherwise they’ll all be coming in here to get me.


Hmm except I see they’re moving west anyway. Will they come through the door even if it’s locked?


Ah never mind, I see the medic is visible anyway, sorry. East, shoot door, then shoot east.


@discobot roll 3d6, there’s a good chap.


:game_die: 4, 5, 6


Super! How’s that for you, medic?


Splendid! I’ll patch you up next turn.

Drops: MG42, spotted. Someone should probably get the MG42.

  • Enemy reinforcements
  • Enemy movement: towards visible commandos.

Here we see the flaw in the cunning plan.

  • Enemy fire: 11 dice into the medium tile, split between DC and Medic.
    @discobot roll 11d6


:game_die: 1, 4, 4, 1, 3, 5, 1, 4, 5, 5, 1


Which makes them both Critical.

Turn 20


We only have one first aid kit; DC should probably be given it. (Yeah, all right, I should have asked you to stay stealthy and just had the medic take all the hits.)

Sapper is very tempted to plant a charge in our current room; this turn we hide to the south and do the objective, turn after that we set it off to make our way out.

ETA: 8 AP for the objective. Bother. So this turn we get into place, next turn we do it.

Corrected map with missing tile:


I’ll just quietly bleed for the moment if that’s okay.


Waiting for John’s opinion, but I think we first-aid DC, open the south door, shoot south and all move south. Any spare actions go to shooting e/w.


I agree with that plan, at sufficient length.