V-Commandos: Snowflake


I think it might be handy to crowbar the south entrance again. We can take the event card on the other trapdoor tile, that we’re not using.

Or you could do your thing, then set off both charges after enemies come in but before they move; then next turn get out on a clear run using 4 AP.


I’ll do the latter. “There are few problems that cannot be solved with enough high explosive.”


OK. I’ll pop out and get that StG44 since we don’t know which characters will be joining us for the final stage.

Objective achieved.

  • Enemy reinforcements

(Set off the charges here)

  • Free enemies move north
  • No enemy fire

Turn 17

And that gets us out. JGD, pick whether you’re taking another first aid kit or the spare crowbar.

For the final terrain, which I’ll set up in the morning, the eliminated characters can be replaced by others from the initial list - though with no equipment beyond what’s permanently on the card. @Lordof1, go ahead and pick someone - Officer and Scout are out, as of course are Sapper and Sgt Bruno.

If you don’t want him, I’ll probably go for gold Medic.


I’ll take the crowbar, please.


Since the event deck and equipment draw pile are somewhat depleted, let’s take a look…

In the events, four West and three North, before we exhaust the deck and shuffle all the used cards back in. And with the collapse rules, the game won’t last that long. The only access route to the objective will be destroyed at the end of turn 4, and that’s our way out.

In the equipment bag:

  1 MG42
  1 TNT
  3 crowbar
  3 enemy uniform
  3 first aid
  2 grenade
  6 spotted


Okey doke, I’ll give the silver death cheater a go.


OK, here’s our status at the start of

Turn 18

I think we can reasonably swap around equipment; at the very least, Death Cheater should get the StG44. But we should probably plan to stay together anyway.


Give the Medic my first-aid kit.

A plan for my first move is up (1), E (1), N (2), ready to shoot the German to the east next turn, and then move into that room and stealthily shoot the door to the E open. Could someone attend to crowbarring the enemy entrances shut?

No, hang on, we can’t do it by going slow and stealthy. I think we have to be blatant and use the medium rooms to move faster. Does that make sense?


(That should be the gold medic for me, not the blue one. Will fix.)

I think we have to move as fast as possible, leave the alarm sounding, try to end up in small rooms (one of Bruno and Sapper can CC or shoot that first enemy with a saved action), and where possible try to save actions to shoot the incoming enemies between their entry/movement and their shooting.


It’s 5 movement points from the entry room to the objective room via the medium rooms, and 8 movement points via the small rooms. I don’t think we have much choice.

It’s also 3 movement points from the objective room to the closer exit, via several locked doors, which means we need to be clearing the way during the interrogation.

The correct party for this terrain consists of wall-hoppers and death cheaters (for their extra actions), but we have to make do with what we have.

A revised first move for Bruno is up (1), wall-hop N blatantly) (1), N (1), save. How does that look?


Bruno and the Sapper are still in uniform, not that that will help a great deal since Death Cheater isn’t.

People with three AP – all right, that’s the medic – can’t get to the NW room this round, so he’ll have to be in the W entrance room, which leaves him shot at by the sentry E plus the two newcomers there. Or, I wonder whether he should go just one room and save, this time; otherwise he’ll have at least two enemy shooting at him with no saved AP to shoot back. But then he’ll probably be stuck behind enemies.

Bruno can get to NW and save, as you say. DC and Sapper can get there by spending 4 AP. That leaves only Bruno’s single saved AP to deal with four enemies from N and W. Any remaining enemies at least have to spread their fire between the three people there.

We accept that the alarm will be going off.

Perhaps sapper should crowbar W.

Bruno: Up, N, N (stealthy, has a saved action)
Sapper: Up, E, N, block W entrance (stealthy, no saved action)
Medic: Up, E, N (visible, no saved action)
DC: Up, E, N, N (visible, no saved action)

Medic: Up, E, save (preparing to shoot when the enemies from the E come in), then next turn something like N, N, E once others have cleared the way.

Then Sapper and Medic can share the pain from the three who’ll be east of them, and Bruno and DC can share it from the two east of them


I think the revised plan is as good as we’re going to get. Bruno goes up (1), wall-hop N (1), N (1), save.

Make sure Death Cheater has the StG 44.


Um, just checking the original plan - did we close combat kill two people in the village? And are we removing the entry tiles as the base collapses? I just want to check we’ve factored this into the plan as I’d completely missed these events…

Assuming all is well with this, I’ll go up, east, north, north and be visible, soz.


@Lordof1: the red badge means a higher-difficulty rule. Yes, I will be removing the tiles, the first one at the end of next turn.

Bruno: Up, N, N (stealthy/uniform, has a saved action)
Sapper: Up, E, N, block W entrance (stealthy/uniform, no saved action)
Medic: Up, E, save (stealthy, has a saved action)
DC: Up, E, N, N (visible, no saved action)

The alarm goes off. Yeah, we could have stopped it, but it would be too slow I fear.

  • Enemy reinforcements

Bruno, with the silenced Sten, can shoot E with a saved action. I’m assuming he does; can rewind if not.

@discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 3, 2



Free enemies move towards Death Cheater. One vis check in the north, two in the south.

@discobot roll 3d6


:game_die: 4, 4, 6


Nobody is spotted.

Medic uses his saved action to shoot N:
@discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 3, 6


Drop: spotted, TNT, which goes straight into the sapper’s pocket.

  • Enemy fire
    Vs Death Cheater:
    @discobot roll 1d6