V-Commandos: Snowflake

Grail was our first game, so the next is Snowflake – 4 commandos. @AstaSyneri or new players are welcome to join us.

This does not look easy at all. I’ll take Bruno with the silent Sten, please.

Although there are only two things to be blown up, I’m quite tempted by the BAR sapper again. Or another silenced-Sten character.

Gold officer, please

Anyone fancy taking the fourth character too? Or I’ll do it if not.

I’m bad enough with one commando I’m afraid, I’d better stick with that. If you take two, Roger, maybe split them so that one goes with one of us each?

Indeed - if that’s the way you chaps want to split phase one. Who wants to be where?

I’ll go for the weapons depot, please.

Village for me then blah blah

Right. I’ll send the gold sapper in with Bruno, and gold scout with the officer. Everything should be in place, but please double-check.

North event

South event

Okay… I think up, stealth west, then east might be the best start, giving myself the +1, unless you have a better plan, Roger?

Given that we don’t know which way the enemy will go, and every tile either is within one of an entry point or has an enemy in it, I suggest we stick together for now to minimise the chances of being spotted. So I’ll join you.

In the north: plan for east, east, wait for next turn, north, east? (Or similarly from the SE corner with less shooting of doors.)

In the North, I reckon come up in the SW corner (1), shoot door silently (1), E (1). Then you come up, E, take the TNT, and save?

If you like that plan, or a close variant, go ahead with it. I won’t be back here until 20:00 or so.

Sounds good to me…

  • Enemy reinforcements
    • North
    • South
  • Enemy movement
  • No enemy fire.

Turn 2

Event north:

Event south:

North: neither of us can be stealthy on a large tile. How about we gather in the central medium tile, and plan to get noisy next turn? I think the opposition is too heavy for splitting up to make sense yet.

South: the barricaded square would be ideal to end up in, except it’s going to have a new enemy in it at the end of the turn. I could go ahead, risk a spot check, and close-combat the guy in the NW corner (W stealthily with special ability, N, N, CC), then you follow?

Go for it - that means I won’t need my +1 so you have it.

We both start the turn with them, so we don’t benefit from the event.

Three moves and a spotting check:
@discobot roll 1d6

:game_die: 1

Bother. Moving south to try to hide before the end of the turn. Three shots as I leave, needing 4+:
@discobot roll 3d6