V-Commandos: Red Fish


He drops a Spotted token.

Sapper will move into the Goliath nest (“big boom?”). There are two more slots on that tile if we want to block it (and several characters have saved actions they can use to move in before the enemy phase).

(No, Goliaths can’t pass through locked doors.)



Intel up, west and save. Anneke up, south, south, save.


OK, officer will use his saved action to move west and fill up the Goliath-bunker entry point.

  • Reinforcements:
  • Free enemies move E
  • Nobody to shoot at

Note that that Goliath is under our control as long as we have someone in its nest. Making it go north to the central room and blow up would be 2 AP…

Turn 11


I thought it couldn’t go through locked doors?



Hang on, you’re meant to be the person who’s ill with flu here and not thinking straight.


You can pee on a bonfire, Roger, but it won’t dim the flames.


Medic goes south, south, and stealthily shoots the door into the East objective room.


Officer shoots the door, then stealthily shoots W (need 4+):
@discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 3, 4


Bother, that’s invalid because there was a closed door in the way. Read instead “officer stealthily shoots both adjacent doors”, then saves 1AP.



If Intel felt able to shoot south, Sapper could drop in [2], plant a charge [0], and get out again [1].


Sorry chaps, bit of a relapse. Intel shoots south with silenced pistol.

@discobot roll 1d6


:game_die: 3


Perfect. Can I make Goliath just shoot the guy in the machine gun nest with my remaining actions?


He drops a grenade.

No; it doesn’t shoot.

Someone in the Goliath bunker could make it move or blow up, though the latter would set off the alarm - are we ready to do that yet? I like the idea of opening that western bunker door and then driving the Goliath into it, though we’re now a bit scattered to do that.

You could go south and shoot the southern door of the central room, but I’d really like you to end up where you are now to keep the entrance blocked. Shoot west maybe?


Sounds good. Two silenced shots west and save.

@discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 5, 3


One less - chap with the big gun, in fact.


The paratrooper drops a crowbar.

I think we need a plan, and this is tricky. We can’t hold on to this northern spot for much longer.

Sapper will go south [2], plant a charge [0] and go north again [1]. So that’s one objective covered.

Anneke can use her PzF on the eastern objective from where she stands (but it’ll set off the alarm).

I think it’ll take multiple turns to get to the western objective. If next turn the sapper moves W and S (and officer and intel with him?), we can get the door open; on the turn after that, we can shoot, go in, plant, and get out again.