V-Commandos: Red Fish


Well, I think we can all get out next turn? Is that right?


Probably. If the sniper closes the south entrance this time, no enemies will get into the central room, and then everyone can be sure of getting out.


Sniper tries to close the south entrance:

@discobot roll 2d6.


:game_die: 4, 4


Only needed one shot, spend the other to re-close the east entrance. Save the last action. Turn over.


Both my characters will escape this round - Anneke will take and wear a uniform on the way


Your Mosin-Nagant shot takes two actions (“2A” on the card - this is easier with real components). But that’s done.

On turn 8 everyone gets out. Anneke needs four actions to move three rooms and get through the trapdoor - @Lordof1, do you want to delay until turn 9 to do the uniform thing, or just drop some other equipment to pick it up?

@JGD can now pick a replacement character from the cards in post 2 - medic, scout, Butcher, mortar gunner, VF Intel (who’s very similar to standard Intel), or Death Cheater.

I’ll set up the final map.


Yes, I’ll delay to put the uniform on.


OK, with both entrances blocked you can get away with that without any die-rolling.


Medic with silenced Sten, please/


OK, here’s where I think we stand. We can exchange equipment as desired. Note that there are currently 51 enemy in the bag, and eight entrance points. Also note that last time I think I moved soldiers out of the Goliath nests, so I’ll be trying to remember not to do that this time.

 30 enemy-1/2
  8 enemy-1/2-gasmask
  5 enemy-1/2-hammer
  7 enemy-goliath/paratrooper
  1 zero

Turn 10

(That works both ways - “character” includes the enemy.)

Our objective: cause three explosions in the right places. We have between us two charges and one PzF. Possibly worth allocating those all to different people?


Anneke will take one (charge). For the moment she’s immune to gas, which may be useful. Also don’t forget intel’s card swapping ability (or don’t let me forget it) - one of which is a ‘movie night’. Don’t need it now but bear it in mind.


So you might give your PzF to sniper, medic or officer. I don’t see much to choose between them in terms of movement/stealth abilities.

However it does occur to me that if someone goes for the middle objective (with the charge on it already), we can use our two charges and save the PzF for actually fighting.


Is it worth the medic and the officer going up first and doing a bit of enemy clearance and door shooting with silenced weapons? The full moon makes it easier to clear the MG next to the west of the entrance, and that small tile looks worth filling with us, as it controls access to the west and central objectives.


Given Anneke’s delay, I think we all have bonus actions by now except the medic. On the other hand it’s two actions to come up stealthily into the first tile.

OK, let’s say the officer comes up (2) and shoots west (1) for 4+:

@discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 1, 1


I can take another shot, or save the action. I’ll save the action for now, and take the shot if everyone else has failed to do it on their turns.


Medic comes up (2) and shoots west (1). wanting 4s.

@discobot roll 2d6.


:game_die: 4, 5


Got him. Sniper comes up (2) and moves south (1), saving an action.