V-Commandos: Red Fish

Reminder: at standard difficulty the red-flagged rules (in this case for “U-Boot Base 1”) don’t apply.

There is a near-full array of commandos available (some of them are duplicates or near-duplicates). Jamie Finnlock is a kickstarter bonus for Résistance so shouldn’t be chosen, but Anneke works the same way.

New things in Secret Weapons:

  • Panzerfaust (like a TNT charge but can be fired into the next tile)
  • Mortar (can only be fired outdoors, can be fired at any outdoor tile on any active terrain for 2AP)
  • Smoke grenade (turns a tile into a small tile)
  • Gas barrel (kills anyone on the tile without a gas mask)
  • Goliath (blows up like a TNT charge)

I’ll continue with Bruno and the silent Sten, please.

I think I might try the intel officer with the silenced beretta, please.


I’ll have to take a raincheck on this one: Two busy weeks ahead.

OK, we can find new players; or take two commandos each; or pause for a bit.

Well I’m hapy to take two this time although it’s not my general preference

I’ll give two a try.

Well I’ll try Anneke as well then

I’ll add the Butcher with the revolver to my team.

Actually, strike that - let’s have the Mosin-Nagant sniper.

Sorry about the delay - getting the terrain set up now. I’m thinking about going for sapper with BAR and officer with silenced Sten.

Nick, which version of Anneke do you want - pistol plus the ability to use CC-killed enemies as booby traps, or extra grenades and ignore 6s when being shot at?

Here’s how Goliaths work:

  • the “special enemy” tokens in this setup are Goliaths on one side, paratroopers on the other.
  • if an enemy unit is in a Goliath nest at the start of the enemy phase, all Goliaths will activate.
  • Goliaths move like standard enemies (but they can’t go through a locked door unless they’re sharing their tile with a non-Goliath enemy). As with standard enemies, you have to make a stealth check if you find yourself sharing a tile with one. They’re immune to gas.
  • If a Goliath finds itself on a tile with a visible commando in the shooting phase, or a visible commando enters or leaves its tile (e.g. like reaction fire), it blows up like a TNT charge, destroying everything on that tile.
  • A Goliath can be destroyed by:
    • Explosion on its tile
    • Spend an AP on its tile to cut the wire (drops a TNT charge)
  • A Goliath can be controlled: a commando in a Goliath nest may spend 1AP to move it one square or blow it up.

Paratroopers roll 3 dice, and can reroll one that missed.

Hello, the first anneke, please - the blue one that grenades enemies

OK, this should be the setup.

Last decision before we start: we can put up to two of us on the Centre of Operations (find the code, open the vault) and up to five of us on the U-Boot Base 2 (blow up the submarines). Actually we can put more on, but the alarm goes off automatically if we do. Who wants to go where?

Sapper wants go to the U-Boots. Officer has no strong feelings either way.

What sets off a gas barrel?

Bruno would like to go to the Centre of Operations; the sniper will be the most use on the U-Boots.

It can be shot like an enemy soldier. (Including grenade overspill.) When gas is escaping on a tile, any non-gas-masked commando or enemy that enters the tile is killed. The effect wears off at the end of that turn.

Intel officer wants to grab the pictures, anneke wants to blow things up.

OK, Bruno and the intelligence officer North, everyone else South.

For the North party, we clearly have to do the objectives in order.

The South party may want to split and have people come up on both entrances. The need to get TNT charges is important there.

Right, all pre-game decisions are done I think.

North event:

South event:

The events don’t affect us as we’re not on the map (yet).

As the sapper, I’ll have to be visible while getting to the demolition sites. However since placing a charge is 0AP for me I could in theory run through them all in a single turn, as long as nobody’s there to shoot me. My inclination is to come up in the SE so that I can grab a second charge.

Anneke should note that the PzF does count as an explosive, so that would be another approach - shooting the submarines from somewhere a bit safer.

Bruno will come up in the north terrain, wall-hop N and silently shoot open the door to his E into the medium tile with the gas barrel.

Sniper will come up in the SE corner of the south terrain and save an action.

Intel officer up (N) and then stealthy move east into medium tile