V-Commandos: Red Fish


How about Anneke uses her Pazerfaust on the East objective, then goes S, chops that German (gaining another action), and comes back N and saves.

The medic is out of actions for this turn. The sniper, with the alarm sounded, can shoot the gas barrel on the exit (with SMG) to get it out of the way, then try to block an entrance.


Seems workable, though using the SMG will make you visible.


Oh, good point. I’ll use the rifle, if @Lordof1 is up for this plan.


Am I up for firing a panzerfaust and chopping some Jerry? Hmmmm let me thYES


What do I roll for PF? No other rolls required, try won’t affect how the move turns out.


No roll needed: for the standard 1AP for using an item, it creates an [explosion] on an adjacent tile. (And makes you visible and sets off the alarm.)


Then I’ll do that move.


Boom. The alarm goes off. Anneke has 2+1 actions left.


Yes, then South, stealth kill, back north, save. No point filling for vis as I can stealth kill either way and hide again as I head north.

Ooh how about I forget saving an action and turn the alarm off instead?


The enemy bag stands at:

 30 enemy-1/2
  7 enemy-1/2-gasmask
  5 enemy-1/2-hammer
  4 enemy-goliath/paratrooper
  1 zero

so we can survive a couple of turns of the alarm going off (potentially 16 new enemies per, less blocks and sniper shots) but a turn without the alarm going off is better.

I note that the new enemies coming through there this turn will move north. Which suggests it would be a good candidate for a sniper shot.


Okay, I’ll turn off the alarm, rest as above, no saved action.


Er. Hang on. You still need an action to do a CC attack.

So even with your saved action it’s PzF [1], South [1], CC attack [1], north [1], or stay in that southern room and kill the alarm.


There’s a bonus AP this turn for making a CC kill.


Oh right, from the event card. OK.

The visibility check is still important, because if Anneke is spotted she loses the uniform, and thus the gas immunity. Spotted on a 1-2:

@discobot roll 1d6


:game_die: 5


He drops another uniform. OK, just @JGD’s sniper to act.


As the alarm is not sounding, pass (saving an action, of course).



  • Enemy reinforcements
  • Non-stuck enemy move north.
    Enemy-1 makes a visibility check against Anneke and the Medic:

@discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 3, 1


The medic is spotted. Alarms go off. The enemy shoots him, needing a 4+:
@discobot roll 1d6