V-Commandos: Red Fish


OK, end of player phase.

  • Enemy reinforcements north:
  • Enemy reinforcements south:
  • North enemies move north. No operator in the Goliath nest. The enemy-1 to the south walks into the gas and dies.
  • South enemies move north.
  • Nobody is at risk of being spotted.
  • Gas disperses.

Turn 4

Event north:

Event south:


So there’s an advantage if the Intel Officer can stay hidden this time.

Remaining enemies are:

 15 enemy-1/2
  6 enemy-1/2-gasmask
  3 enemy-1/2-hammer
  3 enemy-goliath/paratrooper
  3 zero

total of 30. This means we have two turns in the south once the alarm goes off, unless we do an awful lot of murdering… which in turn suggests that we should do an awful lot of murdering.


OK, shall I go to the machine gun nest and start murdering? Do I need to take two actions to move stealthily to avoid being shot on the way?


Yes, standard movement lets you pick any vacant spot on the tile, including the MG nest.


OK, sniper moves N, into MG nest (1). Takes Panzerfaust, fires it west (1). Fires MG east (1):

@discobot roll 4d6


:game_die: 6, 1, 6, 5


That’s both large tiles cleared, save my last action.


Indeed, there is no point in your moving in stealthily, given what you’re about to do. :slight_smile:

That also achieves the western objective. (Which remains on the board to trap enemy soldiers to defend it, but I’ve made it transparent to show it’s been achieved.)

You are, alas, visible. With a saved AP you should be able to shoot the three who’ll be coming in from the north, but the ones coming onto the large tiles will shoot at you a lot. On the other hand, hmm, you could dive south again and hope other people in that small room will save APs to shoot at or close-combat the reinforcements? On the basis that the Sapper can now place the second charge this turn and get to the exit with an AP to spare…


The Sapper can even place and get back into the tiny room. Now there’s a thought.

And that gas-masked troop to the east dropped a TNT charge.


Let’s try that, then. Can I actually go stealthy by moving into a small room?


Yes, moving into a small tile (or stealthily onto a medium tile) is the thing that makes you stealthy.

So that’s done.

The Sapper moves blatantly N (1), E (1), picks up the charge (0), plants it (0), then moves W (1) and stealthily south (1).

Because it doesn’t cost anything, the officer moves N (1), shoots N (1), moves S (1) and keeps the saved action. Looking for a 4:

@discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 3, 1


OK @Lordof1, over to you. I strongly suggest Anneke should end up in the room she’s in now. Next turn we shoot east, if needed, set off the charge and run for home.

In the north, I suspect you really want that MG42.


Presumably, the south party could pop up in the north and help?


Oh, good point! Yes, if you end your turn by going down a trapdoor, you can start the next one emerging from any other one in the current set of terrains.

The 2-character limit in “Center of Operations” means that the alarm will be going off if too many of us are on there, but that is happening anyway.


Okay. North map, Intel is moving is, getting all equipment, silent shot north to open door then stealthy move into north tile, uses all actions.


South map - I’m not sure there’s much useful I can do and still end up in this room I’m afraid. Any suggestions?


I can’t see anything either. I can see several possibilities for you next turn in clearing our way to the exit, but they all rely on having Germans there to kill.


I think I’ll just stay here and reserve my action, unless Roger has any suggestions. My intel lady could do with a hand though, ASAP!


Roger may be a while getting back on-line, as explained in his blog entry for Friday.