V-Commandos: Greatsword, iteration 2

This is a base-game-only 3-player mission for @JGD, @COMaestro and me. John and I have played before.

Available commandos:

I have a slight inclination to go Sapper with BAR, but I did that last time. What do other people feel like?

I’ll take Bruno with the silenced Sten, please.

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I think I will try out the Death Cheater with the ability to not go visible after shooting if there is no one left on his tile.

OK, please check that I’ve got the right things. (Horribly low-res plan of Graf Spee.)

Turn 1

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Looks good to me. Hum, planning. I think we want to get the East charge in place first, since we can hope to do that without the alarm going off. Unless we find a uniform, it will go off when we enter the large tile to place the West charge,

I see no scope for a window use by Bruno except between SW and the E charge room. Which might be a way out, but doesn’t help us get in.

We’re expecting an eastward move, so the tile over the ship will become occupied at the end of this turn.

No crowbars, no uniforms; perhaps Bruno should start killing people just to get some equipment.

I think you’re right. @COMaestro, opinions?

Do we have to start from the same stairs?

I don’t think so.

One more question, since it has been a while. If I shoot with an unsilenced weapon, does the alarm automatically go off, or only if I am spotted?

We don’t have to start from the same entrance, but we can only enter through open ones.

The icons are the guide: if the weapon has an alarm icon (same as the one on the black alarm triangle) then firing it sets off the alarm. If it has an eye icon, firing it causes you to be spotted.

Okay. Darn, so I cannot shoot unless everything is going to hell, otherwise I will make things go that way.

I was thinking of starting at the West entrance, go up, move stealthily N, then move SE so O could get that TNT and be in position to plant the W side explosives in a later turn. But that was thinking I could shoot back into the room without triggering an alarm.

You can close-combat, but that usually means risking a spotting check.

We can’t do much this turn, I think. The W entrance will have at least one enemy in it next turn (coming in this turn, moving E to go nowhere). Could do worse than just clustering in the NE and saving, then Bruno shoots S to start getting some equipment for us?

Yup, that seems as good a plan as any. Up in the NE and save.

Might as well take an initial shot?

Sounds good. Go for it.

Good luck, men! @RogerBW that boat plan at the centre of the map looks awfully familiar: from a Golden Heroes module, maybe?

No idea - I just searched for “Graf Spee top view”. If you were playing this with the actual bits it would be a blank open area.

OK, each of us comes up, then saves. (Except Death Cheater who can’t.)

Enemy reinforcements clockwise from N:

Enemies move E where possible. No enemy fire.

Turn 2

That happens right now. @COMaestro, unless you have a plan for all 4 of your AP this turn I suggest that you might be the person to do this?

Yep, I spend the AP to plant the flag. Do I have to perform that as part of my turn (meaning I have to do anything else I want to do now) or was it just a beginning of the turn thing?

And, really, couldn’t the Spitfire take out a German or two as it leaves as way of apology? :stuck_out_tongue:

A beginning of the turn thing; I don’t think it affects our turn order.

Bruno can shoot into the E entrance room. Alas, both its southern doors are closed for now.