V-Commandos: Greatsword

This is a base-game scenario intended for three players. If @Astasyneri (or anyone else) would like to join in, I’m happy to step back and just run the game.

thanks for inviting me, but I am terribly busy still - so I’d rather join a later game where you need the additional player!

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I’m in. All characters available or just base game?

Base game only:

deck.pbfcdo_0_4_4_16.jpg1400x2380 1.75 MB

I’ll take Sgt Bruno with the Silent Sten, please.

BAR Sapper is tempting, or silent Medic. @Lordof1, say what you fancy and I’ll take something to complement it.

Let’s try the silvery blue death cheater, Cyril.

Choices, choices. I really like those silenced Stens, but we’ve got explosions to make… yeah, OK, BAR Sapper it is.

Turn 1

Bruno will come up in the SW entrance (1), wall-hop E (1), pick up that charge and save an action.

I don’t think we can rush the first explosion to take advantage of the event card - it’s at least five actions to get into one of the target zones quietly.

My inclination is to keep things quiet for this turn, then start getting obvious next time. Therefore: sapper comes up (NE) and saves an action.

(My vague plan involves hitting the western objective, then leaving via the SE corner having picked up another TNT charge.)

Up, north, south, east.

That’ll set off the alarm.

Sorry, up, north (stealthy), south

Turn 2

My inclination is to become noisy, but how do you lot feel about it?

I’d like to avoid that for this turn, but after that, feel free.

Pass my TNT charge to @Lordof1 (0). Shoot East (1)

@discobot roll 2d6

:game_die: 6, 2

That’s got him, Move E (1), shoot E (1).

@discobot roll 2d6

:game_die: 2, 1

Rats! @discobot roll 2d6