V-Commandos: Freyja


Drops: crowbar.

OK, @AstaSyneri, your call - quiet or loud?


With that machine gun in hand? Let’s go loud for once :wink:

(sorry, went to a concert with my wife last night).


No problem!

OK, I’ll move W obviously (1, triggers alarm), do the objective (1), move E and become stealthy. Grabbing the crowbar, leaving the explosive charge for you if you want it on the way back.

Scout’s first shot into the large tile, needs 2+:
@discobot roll 4d6


:game_die: 6, 3, 1, 2


Drops: MP40, grenade.

action 2: Move N, obviously
action 3: objective
action 4: move S to the medium tile and become stealthy (because we know about the incoming enemy moving N - you could go to the small tile if you want to risk a visibility check but I’m assuming not)


  • North:
  • South:
    enemy-3 (blocked)
    enemy-2 (blocked)

Nobody is visible. Northern enemies move N. Southern enemy move N. Still nobody is visible; no firing.


Turn 9

Event north:

Event south:


(Actually, it occurs to me in retrospect, the Scout could have gone out of that exit at top left and be in the small room in the corner, with an exit ready to hand. In fact that sounds like a really good idea.)


West onto large tile, south to small one with the exit, blow the objective, escape.


Ooh, you cunning swine not charging into where all the enemy were waiting for you.

I think we’re all out then - if the scout goes west rather than to the south where I put him, he’s got plenty of actions to unblock the trapdoor and get out, and so have I.

I’m off to Airecon tomorrow so I’ll probably set up part 3 when I get back. I assume I’ll first aid Bruno.


Thanks! On to part 3.


OK, here’s the final terrain.

Objectives are:

  • get a TNT charge planted on each of the three objective points, but do not detonate them
  • the minister shoots at at least one commando (I don’t think he needs to hit)
  • the minister is still alive when we leave


I don’t seem to have my worn uniform or my crowbar on me, but just so you all know, I have such things.

Also, quick question - where is the entrance here?


You used the crowbar on the northern entrance last time, I think? That consumes it.

Our sole trapdoor is on the bottom centre tile.


Ahh, understood. So, we’ve got one charge already, one is easy to get. Any plans?


Unless the scout is to do everything, one of us needs to move into a large area (to plant a charge) and set off the alarm. We should aim to do that when one of us is near the minister, and ideally when the minister is on his own, so that he can take the shot without everyone else damaging us.

Moving out to either side seems like a good start. Perhaps teams of two, each with silenced weapon plus another?


I think we want to start with the scout going east and wall-hopping to get a third TNT charge. I go with him, shoot guards in the NE, and the scout can plant the charge there. Hum, this terrain is a bit awkward, isn’t it?


That suggests the officer and I move out to the W, and keep the guards down (the space with the desk in it looks like a good place to lurk and shoot) – being prepared to move out to set the third charge when needed.


Seems reasonable, but we’d better wait for the others before we start.


Fine by me, you chaps start and I’ll follow the plan.

On reflection maybe I’ll start so I can donate tokens and such? Up, west, lurk.


Note that emerging into a medium room is the same as walking into a medium room - 2 actions to do it stealthily.