V-Commandos: Freyja


I can see a way to do the hotel fairly quickly with a uniform, a crowbar and a TNT charge: come up on the N trapdoor, crowbar that door, move E, crowbar the door into the target’s room, shoot the guard, set the charge, retreat, detonate. It’s a bit risky.

The slower and less plannable way is to come up on the S trapdoor, and move through the building sticking to small tiles as much as possible.

Wall-hopping doesn’t look terribly useful on either map, but you definitely want the medic on the Forest Road for silently killing Germans in the medium tile next to the entrance.


Happy to go to the hotel with Bruno - the spare TNT charge he has should be useful. I’ll keep the uniform if that’s okay, can we say I’m wearing it? I’m pretty sure I’ve had time.


That’s OK. The scout will definitely want a uniform on the Forest Road terrain. If I don’t have one, I think we go the southern route through the hotel.


Total of two uniforms available.

Scout can stealthy-move onto a large tile for 2A, but a uniform lets him (or anyone) do it for 1A.


I can take the uniform, and for once I’d love to have a weapon with some punch.


OK, I think it looks like this:

Turn 7

Events have no special effect.


In the north: I shoot the guard in the medium room, scout goes north and CCs/shoots the one on the northern objective? Then on turn 8 we lay the trap and start retreating…


In the south, Bruno will come up the south trapdoor and move E and E.


Go ahead. We’ll likely lose stealth, though…


Is there aTNT charge in the target room in the hotel, or does it require an extra one? Because I quite like the quick plan you outlined above, @JGD.

I’ll come up in the north entrance of the hotel map, give myself a treat (+1 marker) then crowbar, east (in uniform), crowbar closed the north entrance then crowbar open the east door. Nothing saved.


Sorry about the delay - feeling a bit grotty.

We all start with +1 markers, so @Lordof1 can end up with one…


There is one in that room. If you’re doing that, I’ll come up in the same place as you, and stay there, so that I can clear your retreat.


OK, rather better today.

In the north:

Medic emerges from trapdoor (1), shoots guard on southern objective (1):

@discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 6, 2


He drops a TNT charge.

Scout moves up (1), west (1), north (1).

South terrain: ah, @Lordof1, I think you’ve failed to spot the difference between “carrying an enemy uniform” (small counter on your card) and “wearing an enemy uniform” (variant pawn on the map). Also, blocking an entrance consumes the crowbar.

So what you’d need to do is: emerge (1), don uniform (1), crowbar open door (1), east (1), crowbar open door (1), block entrance (1) and six points is too much.

On the other hand if @JGD goes first he can emerge (1) and stealthily shoot open the door of the trapdoor room (1), and the officer can do the rest.


Oh, I thought I’d had time to put in on last mission - does it reset at the start of the mission?

The alternative plan is fine though :slight_smile:


Oh, fair point, that’s within the tolerances. @Astasyneri too if you want to.


  • North: enemy-2
  • South: zero (blocked)

Northern enemies move west.
Southern enemies move north.

Vision check for special enemy moving into trapdoor room, spots on 1-2:
@discobot roll 1d6


:game_die: 1


Bruno is now visible. Alarm sounds.

Special enemy shoots at Bruno, needs 4+:
@discobot roll 3d6


:game_die: 3, 6, 3