V-Commandos: Black Tea


Phew! East, open, out, grab useful stuff first.


enemy uniform

Do you want to drop any of your current stuff in their favour? 2 first aid kits, 2 crowbars, and an MG42.


Also, before the next stage, we can each pick one of: first aid kit, MP40, grenade.


I’ll drop a first ais kit to get a uniform - unless opening the exit uses up the crowbar? In which case I’ll just grap the uniform, don’t think I’ve got time to put it on.


The exit doesn’t need a crowbar, but does need an action. You could shoot (1), move (2), open (3), exit (4) but you don’t have time to don the uniform yet.


Okay, I’ll swap a medkit for the uniform and escape.


Grenade, please, Carol.


Turn 6

Note that it’s two actions to come up in here…


I think this needs some planning. Death Cheater has an enemy uniform,. which he can use to get onto large tiles easily. Bruno can also get onto large tiles stealthily. Medic has the only silent weapon, and a spare TNT. How about Death Cheater goes west and tries to do the NW objective, and Medic and Bruno go east and try for the NE and centre objectives?


Whichever of Medic and Death Cheater doesn’t take the uniform is going to be blatant at some point, unless we pick up another one. But I think that’s a reasonable plan.

The alternative would be to stick together, but I don’t think that offers any great advantage, especially given those top centre small tiles that make moving all the way round the map a slow proposition.

(Other Bruno would be quite handy for that centre spot.)


More immediately, I think we could start by Bruno coming up (1, his ability), collecting the TNT, crowbarring the door east (1) and saving (1). Then Medic can come up (2) and save, ready to shoot silently through the just-opened door when needed. Does that make sense?


Sounds good. I’ll come up, then west, then put on the uniform.


Actually, maybe my best plan is: up, west, south, crowbar entrance to get me past the enemy quickly. I lose the crowbar but with the uniform I can stealth easily… although that will set off the alarm shooting the door. Hmmmmm


I’m a little undecided here. I don’t want to get trapped on this side of the entrance but I don’t want to set off the alarm too soon. Any suggestions?


Okay, I have a plan with a slight risk. Up, west, south, crowbar open door. An enemy will appear but I can reroll 1s for my stealth check so there’s only a slim chance of being seen. Too risky? Then next turn I can stealth kill, put on the uniform, crowbar the entrance closed and get moving.


Ahh, screw it, you guys aren’t there and I’m celebrating feeling vaguely well again, I’m doing it. What’s life without risk?


Two considerations here:

(1) if you come up with one action, you’ll set off the alarm immediately;

(2) you can only crowbar-block entrances, not open internal doors.


Aww. Hmm. Okay, well then stealth move in, west, and don uniform.


I’m a little confused though, I’m sure I remember opening locked doors with a crowbar in previous missions. I must have misremembered… and I just checked the rules which says that I can. Possibly we’re talking at cross purposes? I just want to open the locked door.


Aha! Sorry, I misread your instructions; by “crowbar open door” I thought you meant verb-crowbar object-(adjective-open noun-door) rather than verb-(crowbar adverb-open) object-door

Things you can do with a crowbar (no sniggering at the back):
1AP: open a closed door touching your tile
1AP: block an entrance, which consumes the crowbar.

But it’ll still set off the alarm if you come up [1], west [1], south [1], open door [1].