Twilight Struggle tournament - sign-up closes on december 24!

Hi lovely people,

I thought it might be fun to organise a Twilight Struggle-tournament this winter, as most of us are probably at home most of the time with limited options of playing boardgames. Here’s my idea, please let me know how this sounds:

  • Anyone can join if they want to, although a basic understanding of the rules is advised, given that it’s a fairly heavy game.
  • Games are played on the Steam/mobile-app or a free online site (I only play via the app, so I’m only familiar with that, but I’m perfectly fine with other options).
  • Tournament lay-out: Either 1) first a group stage of 3-4 players per group. Everybody plays everyone once and the best 1-2 move on to a knock-out system.
    Or 2) Direct knock-out without a group stage. This requires fewer games, but people will be knocked out after playing just one game.
  • Game set-up: Bidding or just US +2 with random sides selection.
  • Playing time per game: This is the real bottleneck IMO, given that you have to deal with different schedules and time differences, but I’m hoping something like max. 1 week per game to move things along at a reasonable pace, if that’s possible.
  • Name: Tekeli’s first glorious Twilight Struggle world championship deluxe.
  • Sign up closes on december 24

That’s it. I hope some of you are interested! :slight_smile:


When are you planning on starting this? Because I do own the game, but never played it.

Or read the rules.


I think the final should be best of 3. Each player has 1 game as USA and one as USSR. Some way of deciding the 3rd frame can be decided if needed.

I’ll play. I got a bit TS’d out earlier this year but being in a tournament sounds fun.

It’d be great if this and @Whistle_Pig’s Innovation tournament happens.


Just do the opposite of how we played @Benkyo in the forum game and you’ll be fine!!


i think just after Christmas. That seems to me the period when the holidays-stress slows down, if that sounds ok.

And if you want to play some games before that to learn the game, I’ll happily be your opponent


Oh yes, the name should read “Tekeli’s first glorious Twilight Struggle world championship deluxe (and at the end Benkyo always wins)” :smiley:


Also, welcome back @qwertysoldier. Not seen you around for a while.


Thank you, I’ve mostly been reading the forum lately. So don’t think i wasn’t watching you!


I’ll be listening. Although, I have been slow on async gaming. I still haven’t even started our supposed game of Napoleon’s Triumph with Benkyo!


2 quick questions.

What actions can you take that don’t trigger the event part of the cards?

Spacing cards. You can dispose of your opponents best cards, you get vps for reaching stages, what are the other advantages?

Coup, realignment rolls and place influence. However, if they are from an opponent card then the event will still trigger.

Space has benefits that are on the board (see opponents headline before playing is a good one), but a lot of it is to get rid of the dreadful cards.


I’d be very interested. Although I’ll inevitably lose by starting an accidental nuclear war…


If the card is one of yours, or neutral, any action other than playing it for the event.

If the card is one of your opponents, only spacing it will avoid the event, otherwise you must activate the event before or after your action.

Some card effects (Quagmire, Bear Trap) replace your action round, and using (discarding) a card in this way does not trigger the effect.

Some effects have conditions, and if those conditions aren’t met, the event will not be triggered (but a couple can still be triggered for no effect to remove them from the deck, depends on specific wording).

As Captbnut said, you gain an ability every two space ranks, until your opponent also reaches that same spot (so if you are just catching up, you’ll never get the ability, but you will want to deny it from your opponent).

PS: I’m interested. I suggest 21 day timers and an agreement to try and finish faster, rather than 7 day or shorter timers.

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sure! It also depends on the amount of players joining of course. With fewer contestants, longer games are less of a problem

Count me in. My participation will be short and probably explosive. And radioactive.


are you Ghandi? (scnr)

Sadly, Twilight Struggle is not a game for me. But I wish everyone good luck and good fun :slight_smile:


I am in, as I know it won’t take very long before I am out! :stuck_out_tongue:

But I will show up at the end of it to celebrate Benkyo’s ultimate victory.


As a matter of personal preference, I prefer the printed rules to the Playdek rule for ties: a tie in final scoring or due to Wargames is a tie, not a win for someone. Other rule bugs/differences in the app will probably just have to be accepted because they largely can’t be played around (and a lot of people won’t even recognize them as rule errors).

I also suggest not giving any extra weight to different ways of winning, which opens up the question of what to do if you play both sides against an opponent and the result is one win each.


Haven’t played for quite a while, but I will give it a go to lose on the very first round.


I was thinking of a one off in the knock out stages (with the exception of the final, as someone suggested). Otherwise we’ll still be playing when the summer comes around :slight_smile:

That doesn’t fix the same problem if we that situation comes up in a group stage (say 3 players in a group and all three win one game). So that probably forces us to do a KO-system for the whole tournament, right?.

Is everybody ok with december 26 as a starting date? I’ll let anyone who wants to sign up until 24 december (so be faster than Santa!).