Twilight Struggle PBF 2, public thread

South America? Yep let’s do that.


Ben plays defectors for influence.

Ok. Shall we play nato for influence in south east Asia? With Vietnam revolts in play we get +1 influence and we know he’s got the China card

Sounds good to me.

Or take Saudi Arabia and Zaire?

Now that I look at the map closer, that may be a better idea. I mean, where would we put the influence in SE Asia? It would take 4 just to tie him in Thailand (Tie-land?) leaving 1 for Malaysia.

Breaking his Domination of the Middle East and advancing a bit in Africa sounds good. Or we could put one more towards taking Chile instead of expanding in Africa.

Happy to go Saudi Arabia and chile?

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Yes, South East Asia would be too expensive, Saudi and Chile sound good (although he will have great cards later on for Saudi)

Scratch that we already played nato.

Independent reds for 2 influence.

1 in Chile 1 in Saudi?

Could do Formosan Resolution instead, since we own Taiwan, and the effect will go away as soon as Ben plays the China card.

I still like the idea of breaking his Domination of the Middle East. Would 1 point in Syria do that? I can’t remember what conditions are required between Presence and Domination.

I feel like 1 point in Saudi would just invite a coup attempt next round and it might be better to wait until we can get full control of it in one go.

Ok. Let’s play formosean

1 point in Syria, one in Chile?