Twilight Struggle PBF 2, public thread

@RossM expressed an interest in doing another me vs. forum game a while back, and I think it got a few likes, so shall we give this a try?

Last time @Captbnut handled the public info and had final say in all the forum decisions. Does anyone want that role this time? Or try something different, like play by vote?

Or, if playing me doesn’t appeal, I can run a PBF game for two players or teams that want to dip their toes into the Twilight Struggle quagmire.


Yeah! Let’s do this!


OK, you want to be the guy in the driving seat?

Why not? Unless someone else wants to?

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I’m going to take that smattering of “likes” as tacit expression of interest. Same setup as last time - I’ll send zipped image files, or links to same, along with roll results and my moves, direct to you, @RossM . It’s up to you to post in this thread, and you can poll here or just send me your moves, as you like.

As soon as I send you the first hand, I’ll no longer view this thread. I’ll try and do a running commentary for non-playing observers in my own thread that I’ll start later.

Setup file sent. I now have this thread muted and I won’t be back until it’s all over.


I’ll pop in when I can to balls things up


First Hand is here!

What do we think of setup and headline card?

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Which side are we?

It’s well over a year since I played this so can’t remember much.

We have the China card to begin with…. So Ussr.

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I’ve forgotten a lot!

What’s the base set up - 4 in East Germany, 4 in Poland then somewhere in the Middle East? I wouldn’t veer from that.

I can’t get the cards to magnify clearly on my phone or computer.

A Comecon headline followed by De Stalinization? I think Korean War is a common headline as well.

IIRC (and I probably don’t) Marshall Plan is a decent early play for us for the Ops (event first) to get a powerful coup in Italy

I’m a bit scared of defectors, but I agree with standard set up

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I will get the hi res cards up tonight

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Yes, can read them now. I still can’t remember what a standard setup looks like.

The more I think about it - I reckon Korean War should be the headline. However if we want to play Marshall Plan for a strong coup in Italy (after the event) that isn’t possible. In which case Comecon is the headline to make De Stalinization more powerful

Unless he has Defectors. Argh

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Initial deployments

Looks like you’ve only got me for company at the moment!

I’d go Comecon headline and then coup Italy with something like Warsaw Pact.

Also, bear in mind that I think you’re much better at this than me. Reading Marshall Plan, couping with it is bonkers. Try to get Italy with a coup and then use MP to over control Italy and control somewhere else in western Europe and do it before the event!

His opening suggests he has Quagmire, so Marshall Plan after that would control WG

No, quagmire is a mid war card.

I think he has a weak hand. And he’s worried about us playing Blockade which is why he’s ignoring West Germany.

Let’s go Comecon for Headline? It’s a risk, but if it Fails we can still do lots of other stuff

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Blockade! That’s the one.

I reckon he’s going to headline it.

Comecon is a good shout I reckon

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