Triplanetary… play by forum


Fair enough, 15 more from next sale.


Oh, of course. It had never occurred to me that one might renege on a deal. I am, of course, completely trustworthy myself. :wink:

Coast. No fire, even if possible.


T4 will thrust C and I’ll hope for a miracle of timing and vector math. T1 will keep on mining, nervously eyeing the approaching packet as they do so.


Turn 61 begins - the game is half done.

@EyeZee to play - this is after movement, but you wanted z2 to do commerce-type things.


Yes indeed. I wanted to sell my ore and then buy some things.


z2 has 25.3 ore on board, so that’s 75.9 at Luna, plus the 13 you hold is 88.9.


Refuel z2 for 4.5
Buy 3 Packets at Ceres, and one at Callisto.
z7 (recycling the designation, correct?): Back Despite Popular Demand
z8: Not a Contrarian
z9: Grace Overpressure
z10 Standard Deviant

Which should leave me with 4.4 left.


I agree with your calculations. z10 becomes zA because there isn’t really room to fit more than two characters on the counter.

r4-7 thrust D.
r4-7 strongly recommend that d4-5 continue rather than picking up ore at r2.

@denisbloodnok to play.


Shades of Traveller!


Coast. blah blah 20 characters blah.


Turn 62 begins.

@MrTim to play. t1 has 7.7 ore on board.


Hmm. I’m going to keep mining for now.



@EyeZee to play.


Turn 62

z1 coast
z2 coast in orbit
z3 mine
z4 coast
z5 coast
z6 thrust D
Z7,z8 Thrust E
z9 Thrust B
zA Launch direction F. Rescue is on the way for d1.


r4-7 thrust E.

@denisbloodnok to play.


I’m in a bit of a bind here. Without the money to refuel, strictly playing to win would demand stopping and scooping and hoping somehow to weather the fire, but it seems overwhelmingly likely the only result will be to stoat Roger up further.

I really was taken completely aback by EyeZee not blowing up r1, but it also seems to have worked out beautifully given what Roger did with the ore.

I think I should concede. I don’t think it would be fair to yoink d1 and its two mines off the board when zA has turned up to steal them, but it will thrust B. (If it makes it past zA, this pings it down the board on a ballistic course that hypothetically I might rendezvous with, and the alternatives are to sit still (clearly not) or zoom off F or E where there is not a prayer of being met with additional fuel.

I hope that’s OK.


OK - d1 thrusts B, d4/5 drift.

(I do think that one of the flaws in this scenario is that there are inescapable traps like this - if EyeZee had blown up r1 there would have been no way I could have got another ship and I’d have been in the same position. By my lights, player elimination is fine in a short game - Coup, for example - but not so great at this length.)

Turn 63 begins; @MrTim to play.


I agree. As it stands, Roger and I are on treaty until turn 94 or 95, and the next 30 turns or so could become a basic arms race.


Mining again.

Yeah, I’ve pretty much given up on winning and will consider it a victory if I turn a profit.


This may be a bit entirely meta-discussion, but I’m fine with player elimination as long as you are eliminated [1]. There are one or two things where you’re obliged to limp on forever because just quitting will make a radical difference to the remaining players (which I hope I haven’t just done).

[1] But then, the boardgame I have most plays of, by a country mile, is DungeonQuest.