Triplanetary… play by forum


T1 will mine, and continue to do so until it has mined 0.5 tons of ore, which I believe will be 3 more turns after this one.


z1 coast
z2 coast
z3 mine
z4 thrust C
z5 drift in orbit, repair to D1
z6 coast in orbit
z7 Make peace with inevitability


@MrTim: t1 had 2.2 ore on board (from previous collection at t3). Now 3.3 as it can load from t3 in phase 5.

@EyeZee: z5 took a D4 in turn 55 (player 2), so it recovers in turn 59 (player 2). This is still turn 57.

r1 drifts, ignoring lunar gravity.

@denisbloodnok to play.


I did not get to do a repair on turn 55, player 3?


Repair? A ship recovers at the rate of one D-step per turn, whatever else it does.

Damage 4 in T55P2 means damage 0 in T59P2. It recovers in the player/phase when it took the damage. This is another of my rule mods at the top of the thread - because if you recover at the end of your own turn it makes counterattacking significantly less useful than attacking.


(Thinking about it, there’s a possible edge case where you might deliberately cause a D on yourself in order to shift the recovery point onto your own player/phase, but I don’t think this is a major concern.)


Heh. I assumed ‘recover’ in the rules meant repair. Internal language.
Regardless. I had it that one recovers in one’s own turn. This way it means that someone later in the turn order who receive damage from people earlier in the turn order always have an “extra” turn of damage to recover, and not vice-versa.
But if that’s the rule, that’s the rule.


The idea of my sequencing is that a D1 should always mean that you miss one turn. Let’s say you’re P3.

Attacked by the player before you:

T1P2: D1 inflicted
T1P3: ship can’t do anything
T2P2: D1 is repaired
T2P3: ship can act normally

Attacked by the player after you:

T1P4: D1 inflicted
T2P3: ship can’t do anything
T2P4: D1 is repaired
T3P3: ship can act normally

Navigation hazards (or counterattacks to attacks you make in your own turn):

T1P3: D1 inflicted
T2P3: ship can’t do anything
T3P3: ship can act normally

That last one is what’s different from the 2018 rules - in 2018, you’d recover the D1 at the end of T1P3 and be able to act normally on T2P3.


I can see why your rule is the way it is - and why the rule is written as it is. The way you have it, you have to preserve knowledge of who/what inflicted what damage when in a turn, where as as written, all you have to know is how damaged you are during your turn, which is a lot easier for a pen and paper game with no digital assistance.

What about this scenario:
Turn N
P1 attacks P5 for D1
P2 attacks P5 for D1
P3 attacks P5 for D1
P4 attacks P5 for D1
P5 can’t do anything.
Turn N+1 -
How does this work?
Recover damage from P1 on N+1P1; from P2 on N+2P2 etc?
Or I could interpret the rule to mean recovery of damage from P1 on N+1P1;P2 on N+1P2 etc, and be ready to fly on Turn N+1, which I don’t think is right.


The most recent damage inflicted sets the recovery phase. (That was the edge case I was talking about a few posts up.) So in your example, if there were no further damage, recovery would be in each P4 phase.

The way I’m tracking it is not “D4” but “recovers after turn X, player Y, phase Z”, which I admit would be harder to do with counters.


It’s interesting.
I think your mod, slightly rewritten is the only adjustment needed.

Damage received on a player’s own turn only (either by counter-attack or astrogation hazard, or whatnot) can’t be recovered on that turn. This solves both the asteroid and the counter-attack problem. This is essentially your rule, worded slightly differently. The ability of a ship otherwise to recover on its own recovery phase from damage received is, I think, a feature, not a bug.

The additional issue is this. On T1, P2 attacks P1 for 1D, counterattack fails.
As written: P1 recovers at T2P1, and can counterattack if P2 attacks again in T2.
As you have it: P1 recovers only on T2P2 Resupply phase and can’t counterattack if P2 attacks again during its Combat phase. Unless Recovery pf P1 occurs at the start of the T2P2 turn, which would require some additional stipulation, I think.

(This is all academic with regards for this game, of course)


Actually, I think getting to 5.5 won’t do it. I’ll mine for 4 more turns.


d4 d5 thrust A then thrust B next turn.


Turn 58, 59, 60, 61 unless things go awry:

Turn 58
z1 coast
z2 coast
z3 drill baby drill
z4 thrust C
z5 drift (don’t take the B gravity hex)
z6 Thrust A (don’t take the B gravity hex next turn)
z7 goodb-

Turn 59
z1 coast
z2 thrust E
z3 mine
z4 thrust B
z5 coast
z6 coast

Turn 60
z1 coast
z2 thrust A (do not take E gravity hex)
z3 mine
z4 coast
z5 thrust F
z6 thrust F

Turn 61
z1 coast
z2 coast in orbit & do commerce
z3 mine
z4 coast
z5 coast
z6 coast


Turn 58 begins.

z7 is lost.
r1 thrusts E, accepts gravity.
d4/d5 thrust B.

Turn 59 begins.
z5 becomes un-disabled.
r1 reaches Luna, and sells 30.6 ore for 91.8. Plus my 3.1 cash is 94.9. Buy four packets at Ceres (r4/5/6/7). I’m deleting r1’s vector trail.

@denisbloodnok to play.


Coast. I wonder if blood-spattered revenge for r4 is imminent? I expected EyeZee to blow up or capture r1, leaving them the only player with a lot of stuff on the board.


Nah. I made a deal with Roger early-on. I don’t renege on deals.


Nice pair of packets there. Be a shame if something happened to them.


Oh, that reminds me, I owe you MCr 10. (Was going to pay it out of r4’s cargo, but, well.) Paid.

Turn 60 begins.
t4 becomes un-disabled (after movement).
r4/5/6/7 thrust F.

@denisbloodnok to play.


It was 10 units of ore’s worth (if you look back at the deal), so that’d be 30 at Luna prices. I would, in the spirit of good relations, accept Ceres prices. As that would eat into your packet purchase, and I don’t want to do that, how about 15 MCr next time you sell ore.