Triplanetary… play by forum


I suppose player elimination isn’t as bad in a forum game like this - all right, I’m only running one game at a time so eliminated players can’t play Triplanetary here until this game is over, but they can still go and do other things. In the context of a game at an actual tabletop, while there’s some pleasure to be had in watching a game continue, it’s much less fun than actually playing; so I prefer that bit to be over quickly. (It’s why I prefer The Resistance to Werewolf/Mafia.)

Anyway, @EyeZee to play.


Turn 63

z1 thrust B
z2 Thrust F
z3 mine
z4 coast
z5 coast
z6 coast
Z7,z8 Thrust D
z9 Thrust C
zA Thrust F to counter balance gravity and ‘tread water’ in place.

Do I assume d1 will surrender if I match velocity, or do I need to fire on it?
If the answer is no surrender, I’ll fire.


I think the robot pilots on d ships will act to maximise the inconvenience to people trying to take them over.

(I’ll probably process this tomorrow.)


I should have thought a bit more carefully about what would happen next, that I couldn’t just concede without giving more coherent instructions.

It’s at the discretion of Roger’s moderator hat but I could state a policy if asked.


If you’re happy to do that, it works for me.


No ship will surrender.

d4 d5 will counterattack if fired upon. They won’t, even after being fired upon, fire during their own turn, to minimise the total opportunities to become disabled. Exception; they’ll fire on a disabled ship with no ships in formation with it that could counterattack. I think I would be stretching the term “concede” wildly to suggest any maneuver.


OK. Does the same apply to d1?


Actually that doesn’t matter, of course, because d1 can’t counterattack anyway.

OK, zA fires on d1, 2:1 at -1 for range.

@discobot roll 1d6


:game_die: 4


That’ll be a D2.

Correct r1’s position as it was meant to be orbiting.
r4-7 thrust B.

Collectively, r4-7 attack d4-5. Range is 2, Δv is 2, so -2 overall. Specifically, r4-5 attack d4, r6-7 attack d5.

@discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 5, 6


I think that at -2 the ds’ best chance is to combine both ships into a counterattack on just one of mine; that gives a single 2:1 attack (1/3 chance of a disable) rather than a pair of 1:1s (each has 1/6 chance of a disable, 11/36 chance of getting at least one disable).

@discobot roll 1d6


:game_die: 1


@MrTim to play.


Mine for one more turn, which if I haven’t lost or gained a turn somewhere should leave me with 11 tons on board.


I agree, 11 tons aboard t1.

(corrected d1 vector)

@EyeZee to play.


Turn 64
z1 thrust D, collect minings
z2 Thrust A - I believe it will be taking the E and D direction gravity hexes from Luna.
z3 mine
z4 Thrust E. It will not take the D direction gravity hex from luna next turn.
z5 coast
z6 Thrust D, fire on t1.
z7,z8 coast
z9 coast
zA Thrust F to tread water. At my turn, d1 recovers to D1, so I’ll attack it once more. I don’t think our vectors match, so I can’t loot/capture. Next turn, I will thrust B, which, with gravity, should put me on the same hex, speed, and heading as d1.


At the start of the turn, z2 is NE of Luna and moving A+F, i.e. two rows straight up the map. It’s not going to enter any gravity hexes this turn. Is that your plan?

(I know the space round Luna is a bit hard to read. Need to write a vector trimmer.)


That’s right, but it passed through Luna’s D and into its E direction hexes last turn.
I’m trying to sling out of orbit NW or NNW ish.


Ah, right, my error. If you spot me messing up the vectors, please warn me…

z6 fires on t1. Range 2, ΔV 1, for -2 on the 2:1 table.

@discobot roll 1d6