Triplanetary… play by forum


@MrTim: on turn 33, t1 sold 11 at Luna for 33, bought 8 fuel for 4, a mine for 5, and a packet for 20, leaving 4. Plus your 5 remaining starting money is 9. And I think that’s the only transaction you’ve made.


Ah. I was thinking I’d sold for 39. Ouch. I think my best case is to run t3 off the map!


I think my next moves have to be t4 Thrust D and t1 Thrust C. I’m going to be turn-by-turn for a while, I think.


Should I roll for my attack?


Sorry, very busy just at the moment. Got last night’s game to write up, then I should be able to come back to this. Roll if you like.



@discobot roll 1d6


:game_die: 3


That’d be a miss from me.


OK, the attack takes place at range 2. z5/z6 have a velocity of D (assuming they’re taking the C vector in this turn to remain in orbit), while d3 has B+C; difference is E+E which is 2 long, so no penalty for velocity. Attack penalty is -2, so the attack is a 1, which at 4:1 is D2.

r1 becomes un-disabled.

@denisbloodnok: d3 is disabled but can still make decisions about gravity; d1 is free to manoeuvre (and is not on an asteroid hex).


Some clarification. I thought that gravity hexes con only be applied on turn 2 if you passed through them or end in them on turn 1. If that’s the case, z1 can use the C direction gravity hex it ended last turn in this turn, and z5&6 can use the D direction hex, but not the C direction hex (since their start of turn velocity vector doesn’t even hit the C gravity hex). That’s is how I read fig 7 in the rules.

Unless I’m completely wrong, of course.


The hexes you enter in this turn change your velocity vector for next turn, but I’m rolling both things together. This turn, z5/z6 (having thrusted as you specified) entered the hex NW from Luna, and only that hex, so the C which that provides is the one they had the option to use. I assumed yes since you said you wanted to be in orbit, so adding it to their existing E vector gives a resultant of D for their movement next turn.

Basically, the dashed velocity vector I show on the post-movement plot (which is effectively every plot except when I’m asking for movement orders from one specific player) includes any effects from gravity hexes entered in the movement phase just performed.

Or to look at it another way, when I’m asking for movement orders, the dashed line shows where you will end up if you don’t thrust (including any gravity effects from hexes you’ve entered up to this point); the gravity hexes you enter during this turn’s movement will determine changes to your velocity in the turn after that.


That is what I was missing. The rules example dotted lines are the vectors with no gravity or thrust applied.
Thank you, and sorry for the misunderstanding.


I’m afraid from here the last forum post shows me a zoomed-in excerpt of part of the map and a zoomed-out map, and I can’t view the entirety of the map zoomed-in at all as I could on previous posts.

I think from previous posts d3 is disabled for 2 turns. Unless I am very much mistaken there is now no prospect of it ending up in orbit around Luna - so much for my proud boast that one of d3 or d4 would get home and then I’d show you - so I’ll choose to be affected by all gravity arrows in the hope of denying EyeZee an intercept-and-loot.

d1 has 6 fuel and would require 4 to rendezvous with d2, with then no way to return to any point of sale. Hence, while it’s a bit of a forlorn hope, coast until aligned on an EB hexrow with r’s mines, then thrust D and coast up to them.


Let me put that last full map as the only image in a post, which should make life easier:


The only think missing there is my z7 thrust E from my last turn. No need to update the map, though. I’ll keep it mind with next orders.


Added the z7 thrust to my files.

@denisbloodnok - d3 is disabled for this orders phase, but not for your next one (unless it’s hit again).


z1 thrust A
z2 mine
z3 continue being a mine (existentially satisfying)
z4 coast (this is an edit)
z5 coast (orbit), capture d3 if possible, (though I think velocities need to match), refuel
z6 thrust C, attack D3 (only a 6 would destroy it, if I’m correct)
z7 thrust D


In that case d3 will choose not to be affected by gravity, and next turn if it is still under command it will thrust into orbit. Orders unchanged for d1. That map is visible as normal, thanks.


Turn 49 begins.


  • t3 has a choice about gravity (should it accept an F or not, this move?). If it is not further attacked, it will be under command in your turn 50.
  • You suggested t4 thrust D, t1 thrust C - do you confirm those?


Cancel d1’s programmed orders, please. I’ll think about it again on my next turn.