Triplanetary… play by forum


Edit: Never mind, misunderstood when the CT encounter happened.


@EyeZee to play.


z1: Thrust E
z2: mine
z4: Stop at Ceres. Refuel. Purchase transport z7 The Problem With Inertia at Ceres.
z5 & z6 Thrust F. Attack t3 together. Should be at distance 1, velocity difference 4 for -3 penalty.


@EyeZee, after buying those two packets you have one money left. z4 can afford two fuel points, but definitely not a new transport. Please confirm.


If I counted right, z4 should have 8 ore aboard to sell. I forgot to say to sell that ore. Also from the first sale I should have 4.8 Cr left (turn 791), and from the last sale at Luna I should have 1.2, unless we’re rounding down.


Aha, that payload seems to have got lost somewhere along the way. (This should, of course, be impossible.) So that’s another 16 money.

Other than that:
turn 33: z2 sold 14.9 at Ceres for 29.8, bought packet z4 for 20 and 9 fuel for 4.5, leaving 5.3 (which I recorded as 4.8)
turn 45: z1 sold 15.4 at Luna for 46.2, bought packets z5/z6 for 40 and 10 fuel for 5, leaving +1.2 in this transaction.
So that’s 6.5 money left before z4’s current sale, 22.5 total.

6 fuel for z4 is 3, leaving 19. New transport is 10, leaving 9.5.

I am assuming you’re rejecting lunar gravity in all cases.

Agreed on the combat calculations. I’ve previously found that the bot doesn’t implement die roll modifiers, so:

@discobot roll 1d6


:game_die: 3


No effect.

Aha, actually, you missed something - there’s a compulsory D vector for the second lunar gravity hex, which takes the velocity difference down to 3, meaning only a -2 modifier. So t3 is disabled 2.

I failed to roll for r1 entering asteroids at speed last turn:

@discobot roll 1d6


:game_die: 6


d1 becomes un-disabled (after movement).
turn 48 begins

@MrTim: t3 cannot manoeuvre since it’s disabled, but it can still (and must now) make a choice about whether to accept the first gravity vector. I’ve plotted both possible outgoing vectors.


Hmm. Might as well accept and hope no one can match vectors in time. I’m guessing you’re going to rule that I can’t sell from a disabled ship?


'Fraid so (and it’s not in a stable orbit anyway).

@EyeZee to play.


z1 Thrust C, and use C-direction gravity hex.
z2 mine
z4 Thrust B
z5 & 6 Use D-direction gravity hex to get back into orbit. Attack d3 together at (I think) -5. Since I don’t use fuel, assuming that means I’m in orbit, Refuel z5 &6 (should be 1 Cr to top-off both).
z7 thrust E


z5 and z6 have already used the D direction hex on their previous turn (they would have been going straight up the map otherwise). If they don’t thrust now, they’ll be drifting off F-wards out of orbit.


Good point. I always forget that it’s the last turn’s gravity hex that affects you. I’ll be letting gravity affect t3 again next turn.


Ah. In that case they thrust D (and can’t refuel).


MrTim: t3 isn’t going to enter another gravity hex. On the first turn of interaction it entered the C-ward one (and you rejected it as part of the orbital entry procedure); then it was disabled, and entered the B-ward one (where you had a choice) and the A-ward one (which applied without the option), so it picked up B+A to add to its existing vector.

(Had it also been able to thrust F last turn, it would have entered orbit.)


Gah! I don’t know why orbital mechanics make my brain go squishy in this game!

Hang on! I still have over 10 MCr left, correct? If so, then next turn I’ll buy a Transport and launch it from Luna C, ignoring gravity to put it in the same hex as but with a different vector than t3.


I show 3.5 money but I’m willing to accept I may be wrong. I’ll dig in to the history.


I keep forgetting the velocity modifier for combat is for velocity difference greater than 2. I believe my attack is at -3 instead of -5.