Triplanetary… play by forum


I’ll fix the fuel. And yes, I think they can.


d2 thrusts B.

Start turn 19.

l1 drifts.
t1 spends its one more turn mining, and loads up. t3 starts mining. t3 comes to a stop and can start mining next turn.

@EyeZee to play.


z1 thrusts D
z2 mines


I don’t seem to have been moved after that thrust B, unless I am confused.


Hmm, the image I posted looked right, but the hex numbers weren’t. So, amended.

@EyeZee to play.


z1 coast and prospect
z2 Devoing (workin’ in the ore mine, goin’ down down)


z1’s prospecting:

@discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 6, 3


Holy moly, did I strike ore?!?


“This says we’ve got ore. The geiger must be playing up. It’s never ore.”

r1/r2/r3 mine.
d1 drifts, d2 mines.
l1 drifts, l2 mines.
t1 drifts, t2/t3 mine.

@EyeZee to play.


All right.
z1 Thrust B, drop the mine (next turn?)
z2, Devo


Yes, this turn you stop, next turn you can deploy the mine and start mining.

r1 loads ore from r3.
d1 thrusts D.

@Lordof1 to play - this is the end of your scheduled drifts.


Wait, why is t3 showing 4 fuel left? It should only have used 4.


It’s showing 6 fuel left in the image I’m looking at.


Excitingly, 3 more drifts.


And t1 drifts while t2/t3 mine.

@EyeZee to play. z1 can deploy the mine and start mining this turn.


Huh. Could have sworn it said 4 earlier.


z1 - Deploy and mine.
z2 - mine (how much is that?)


z2 has 6.4 ore on board.

r1 thrusts C.
d1 thrusts F.
l1 drifts.
t1 drifts.

@EyeZee to play.


Both z1 and z2 mine.