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Gosh, I am a veritable mine of rules questions. What happens if >1 ship is located at a mine? I guess “ore is divided equally”, or maybe “that, except the original owner gets it all if they are present”.


As I see it, it’s a player order question.

Mining happens in phase 3. Transferring things between ships happens in phase 5 (after movement). So you can snabble all the ore in a mine if you’ve matched velocity (0) with it.

If player 3 and player 5 both have ships sitting on a mine placed by player 1, I think the sequence is:

  • player 1/phase 3: the mine gains one ore
  • player 3/phase 5: player 3’s ship loads the ore from the mine (plus 0.1 of its own mining)
  • player 5/phase 5: player 5’s ship finds no ore to load (plus 0.1 of its own mining)

r1 thrusts A.
d1 thrusts F.
turn 24 begins.
l1 drifts.
t1 drifts.

@EyeZee to play.


Thrusting F when it’s my turn again then drifting to Ceres and thrusting D to stop there, refuel, sell my ore and purchase a second transport.


Roger, thanks, I agree with your turn/min/harvest order interpretation. If player 1 and player 2 are both on player 1’s mine, 1 can mine and harvest his diggings before 2 can, but if the both arrive on 2’s mine at the same game turn, player 1 has the chance to snarf up all previously uncollected ore, but not the ore produced by the mine that game turn on player 2’s move.

z1 mine (continue mining for 4 more turns)
z2 mine (continue mining 4 more turns - that should give me 13 total if my math is right)


With the extension that if player 3 is squatting on player 4’s mine with no opposition, he can load up each turn after the mining has taken place.

Right now, before I run this turn, z1 has 0.2 ore on board, z2 has 6.5 (and can load 6 from mine r2), and mine z3 has 2 (I’m using the top left “cargo capacity” on the counter for the amount of ore at a mine). After: 0.3, 6.6, 3.

r1 drifts.
d1 drifts, accepts the A-pointing gravity arrow at Luna to enter orbit. (Can land next turn; pick a hex side.)
turn 25 begins
l1 thrusts F.
t1 drifts.

@EyeZee to play.


So, question - you can mine your 0.1, and load stuff from an existing mine on the same turn, correct? And I guess if that’s what you want to do, you need to say so.

z3 produces an ore
z1 mine & load (for a total so far of 3.3 on z1)
z2 mine & load from mine r2 (for a total now of 12.6?).


I make it 4.4 and 13.7.

r1 drifts.
d1 can spend its last fuel to land. @denisbloodnok, which base on Luna would you like to land on? You have 8.8 ore to sell, which at Luna prices gets you MCr 26.4; a full load of fuel is MCr 5.


Do you have to land on Luna to sell to luna? I thought you could do so in orbit there, yes?.


Oh, yes, fair point - if you can buy new fuel in orbit, you can surely sell ore. And I think I may have said that already.


Also, I think d1 used its last fuel on orbital insertion, and hence both can’t land and must pay a full 5 MCr to refuel in orbit. I’ll spend the rest of my loot on two transports at Ceres, which will take off in directions E and B immediately. d1 will continue to orbit around Luna until it’s heading in direction A, then accelerate F to move A+F, choosing not to be affected by gravity.

You did say it already, around item 574, in answer to a question from the overly persistent asker of rules questions.

(I resisted, once again, buying a packet because while I could make someone lose with a packet, I can’t make everyone lose, so it’s just an overpriced transport, I think).


There’s a trick to orbital insertion without fuel on low-gravity bodies, but OK.

Purchasing happens in phase 5, so the new transports can set off next turn. MCr1.4 left.
Turn 26 begins.
l1 drifts. t1 drifts. z1/z2/z3 mine. r1 drifts. d1 drifts, d3 thrusts E, d4 thrusts B.
Turn 27 begins.
l1 drifts. t1 drifts. z1/z2/z3 mine. r1 drifts.

@denisbloodnok to play. This is the turn for d1 to thrust A if it wants to move A+F.


Slight revision, please? z2 wanted to thrust B on turn 26, coast on 27.
z2: continue coast through 31, thrust D for Ceres on 32, stop on Ceres on 33.
z1 Mines through turn 31, then we’ll see.

Sorry if I was confusing. I wanted to get the ore load to a certain level, and it came sooner than I realized.
Your last post was very helpful, though, Roger - It would really help to have the start of each turn number mentioned.


OK, I think this should be the correct position and fuel state for z2.


All correct, except z1 is still sitting on the z3 mine and mining!


Ah, I see. Parsing error.


Thanks. Last correction is that z1 should still have 5 fuel (that can certainly wait until the next larger map revision).

I also had not realized we got boosters to launch from Ceres. Kinda nice.


Er, you don’t. Let’s just fix that too…


Sorry, I’ve not been at the computer. d1 thrust A. d3 thrust D. d4 thrust C.

There is a trick - I could have just arrived at speed 1 and decided not to be affected by gravity - but I wanted to make the journey quickly so I arrived at speed 2.


No problem.

Turn 28 begins.

l1 thrusts D and has arrived at Ceres. Sells 11 ore for 22; buys 9 fuel for 4.5; buys a transport for 10.
t1 drifts.
z1 mines, z2 drifts.
r1 drifts.

@denisbloodnok to play.


For my next move - both transports moving as a (very small) fleet thrusting E.