Topic of the Week: 2006-2015

Probably the last one, as 2016+ is already discussed to death in our Last Game you Bought/Played threads, but maybe we can hit that era too with some questions that give it an angle worth discussing.

Same basic question - Games you owned/sold/played from this era and thoughts where interesting.

We are also getting recent enough that we might be able to either:

  • Best game for each year in this timeframe, or if that is too granular,
  • Top 3 games from this decade?

Sorry: List


Really surprised at how many of those are still the top of their field today, given the time period is 7-18 years ago. The first page of my search was full of big names.

Viticulture and Netrunner for me.

There are a few huge boxes I’d love to try like Chaos In the Old World, and Fortune and Glory (reprint is on the way) and War of the Ring 2nd.


Favourite games that I played on release or soon afterwards, and still rate highly:

  • 2008: The Stars Are Right, which I still play occasionally now; I’d give it one rule tweak (when someone gets to 10+ points, rather than finishing instantly, finish the round, and continue playing until you don’t have a tie at the end of the round) but basically this is an interesting blending of spatial puzzle with card play in a way that’s rarely done.
  • 2009: Revolution!, which is still getting played: worker bidding with area majority and a three-currency system.
  • 2011: Flash Point, which I saw in passing (so this must have been the year of my first Essen) but I first actually played the next year.
  • 2012: Coup, a social deduction game in which often the best strategy is not to lie at all.
  • 2013: a soft spot for Castellan, which I demonstrated to death the year before too. But this was when Firefly came out, and I have to rate that at the top.
  • 2015: I like Mysterium, but outsider Leaving Earth has to be my favourite. Found it more or less by accident on BGG, ended up becoming the unofficial UK importer.

Games of the year that I only discovered a few years later:

  • 2008: A Touch of Evil edges out Ghost Stories and The Climbers, but only just.
  • 2009: I like The Resistance and Tobago, but I took over running the online championship for Rallyman.
  • 2012: I met Morels for the second time early this year, and this time I fell in love.
  • 2013: I got into Concept relatively late, but the winner for me here is Hanamikoji.
  • 2014: Really hard one here. Got into Colt Express a few years later, and Lemminge in about 2020 when I found it on Yucata, but in the end I’ll name Xia.
  • 2015: Ashes, which I got into when it was shut down and I could get it cheaply. But strong showings for Baseball Highlights 2045, FUSE, and Xenon Profiteer.

Top three games? Ouch. Leaving Earth, Xia, Flash Point?


I just stumbled across FireDrake’s review over on BGG two weeks ago…


Looking at my owned list this is teh era of expansions for me!

All the Power Grid maps. My all time favourite game Race for the Galaxy is form this period.

Patchwork and 7 Wonders Duel are the two player survivors in my collection and they’re both from this period.


A “quick” rundown turned up over 100 titles I’ve owned, played, or have notable thoughts on from this period. Definitely a time for summarizing rather than listing… Four titles in each of '06 and '07 up to fourteen by '12 and twenty one by '15.

I will say, though that 2009 and 2012 absolutely killed it while 2013 is an odd wasteland. Not empty, just… comparatively desiccated.


Geekgroup says I have played or recorded plays of a total of 118 games from that era. I currently own 37 games from that decade. And 50 I previously owned. One I almost rebought today (Hana-Bi)

Some notable exceptions: War of the Ring, FCM (I have a copy), Caverna (a notable omission especially given my penchant for Rosenberg games), Keyflower, Hansa Teutonica (I own this, too)

So this lacks recorded plays nevertheless I am going to list them by most-played because this means I still like the games:

  • Codenames—the best party game.
  • Tash Kalar—I had this pre-ordered. My copy is signed and with some Art from the artist inside the lid because they were doing it at SPIEL that year. I have all the expansions and noted with some excitement that BGG has some upgrade components coming for it.
  • Race for the Galaxy—this or roll? When I don‘t play this I forget how it works.
  • Roll for the Galaxy—this one is easier isn‘t it? I don‘t lose as badly when I return to it.
  • Star Realms—the game that made my partner fall in love with deck-building. So simple so quick so… it‘s just still good. Just don‘t add too much „stuff“ to it. Base game and maybe that first expansion.
  • Pandemic—I had only played one other coop game at the time: Ghost Stories. But this one made the genre popular :slight_smile:
  • Dixit—I love it and I can‘t understand how there are people who can‘t think of a way to describe the pictures…. also please someone find me the legendary „Demon of the Fall“ image.
  • 7 Wonders + Duel: I don‘t play OG much anymore. I need to get rid of some expansions first I think. Recently started a series of „duels“ on BGA with a friend who beats me most of the time.
  • Sushi Go—7 Wonders for the hangry
  • Concept—such a cool … concept. We‘ve played this lots. Same people who like Dixit and Codenames obviously :wink:

So this is my Top 10 of games from the era I still played in recent enough years (Vanilla Pandemic must have had its plays tracked back then I think, because it‘s been ages but it is a worthy part of that list as I play various iterations still)

Here my highest rated games I still own and did not make the previous list:

  • Terra Mystica (10)—this used to be my favorite game but I haven‘t played in ages. Probably because 2-handing works better with Spirit Island
  • Leaving Earth (9)
  • Deception Murder in Hong Kong (8)
  • Five Tribes (8)
  • Gingkopolis (8)
  • Innovation (8)
  • Viticulture (8)
  • Wir sind das Volk (8)
  • Xia Legends of a Drift System (8)
  • Seasons (7.5)
  • Ghost Stories (7)—not in my top 10 anymore but but but… worthy because at the time we played this a lot and we even won a few times. Also one of the first games I ever soloed.

Also because I was playing more, I have seen more of the SdJ Winners from the decade. So here are my thoughts on those:

  • 2005: Niagara—I don‘t need to tell the story again, do I?
  • 2006: Thurn und Taxis—owned, bought used, never played but this is the only recent (post-80s) game I am aware of that features my home-city on its map.
  • 2007: Zooloretto…
  • 2008: Keltis—a Knizia. I thought it was pretty boring and got rid of it quickly. I might appreciate this more now… maybe?
  • 2009: Dominion—the first deck builder or so. Played it lots. Have since come to prefer random markets. But it is still good. I‘ve never owned a copy
  • 2010: Dixit—absolute fave reccomended by FLGS long before the award. Gave it to a friend we were visiting as an early birthday present. It was New Year‘s Eve and we played all night… it was legendary (forgot that one in the last thread). I bought my own copy years later. I still need to buy most of the expansions. And I kind of collect games with Dixit cards…
  • 2011: Qwirkle, I avoided but it was also the year of the first Kennerspiel: 7 Wonders—a superhit recommended by FLGS early. We‘ve played this to death. And I actually enjoy duel more now. (even while losing)
  • 2012: Kingdom Builder—also played tons of this. But then I got the app and killed the game with it. Recently acquired Winter Kingdom becaues I played at friends and fell in love with that iteration. (Kennerspiel was Village which we enjoyed at SPIEL but never played again)
  • 2013: Hanabi—loved it, played too much, developed an „algorithm“ and sold it. Now I kind of miss it. Might re-buy. Kennerspiel was Legenden von Andor which I played a couple times at a friend but it didn‘t click.
  • 2014: Camel Up—never played at the time, recently acquired for „fun“ reasons. I am not sure I wouldnt like Kalimambo back instead (I am seeing a theme here that I get rid of games after playing them a lot and not wanting to see them on the table for a while but then missing them). Istanbul was Kennerspiel that year and we bought it back then and loved it and played it to death and… it‘s gone.
  • 2015: terrible year. Colt express I played at a friends… was okay. Kennerspiel was Broom Service which I bought cheaply and it was produced so badly I sold it on unplayed because… I am that kind of person -.-

But SdJ had some really solid winners in those years with a lot of staying power.
Good decade.

And last but not least the latest game from the era to join my collection I just finished playing today: Cuba Libre :slight_smile:

Top 3: Terra Mystica, Codenames, Tash Kalar

PS: also it is the CGE decade… not just Tash Kalar & Codenames, but Galaxy Trucker, Through the Ages, Space Alert, Tzolkin and Alchemists. Ergo Designer of the Decade: Vlaada.


Oh I missed that one on my list because I gave my copy to friends—after… guess what playing it too much. I miss it sometimes. Because it is really good.


2006: Thurn & Taxis for the table. Neuroshima Hex for the old Big Daddy app. New app is a frustrating step down. Mr Jack, ok, Blue Moon City I didn’t like.

2007: RFTG for the win. OG Brass goes here as well. Never really hit with Galaxy Trucker and two plays of Parade haven’t worked out, though I remain optimistic that it was group and player count issues.

2008: Dominion. I want to say Le Havre but Dominion has definitely been the winner on the table. I didn’t like Dominion until 2019 or so, though, despite owning it since '09. Pandemic isn’t my thing, Cosmic Encounter redux hasn’t gotten enough play to say. Winning Ghost Stories (twice) (on easy) is still one of my greatest achievements.

2009: Agricola. But this year. This year. Hansa Teutonica, Jaipur, Cyclades, Steam. Small World was one of my first culls.

2010: Troyes or Innovation. Honestly can’t say and I technically don’t have to choose? 7 Wonders taught me I don’t like drafting. Alien Frontiers remains a game I wish I’d played more. Lords of Vegas, looking forward to having my own copy.

2011: Castles of Burgundy, though it is starting to stale. The games feel samey. Skull is here, and Lancaster, and Pictomania has given me good times. Finally played Eminent Domain and didn’t like it.

2012: Keyflower. But this is another year. Terra Mystica, Tzolk’in, Netrunner, Lords of Waterdeep, Kemet, X-Wing Miniatures, Love Letter, Great Zimbabwe, Ginkgopolis, Libertalia, Coup. OK, better than 2009.

2013: Nations or Concordia, I think in that order but Concordia is easier to table. Rococo, Glass Road, Battlelore 2e. Quantum is one of my greatest regrets; I bought (and later sold) Arctic Scavengers instead.

2014: Fields of Arle. Other favorites from the year: Star Realms, Istanbul, Patchwork, Roll for the Galaxy, One Night Ultimate Werewolf.

2015: Isle of Skye, which really is one of my favorites. But other than that, a lot of games and not many strong contenders. Grand Austria Hotel, Mottainai, and Mysterium stand out. Mission Red Planet and The Gallerist are high hopefuls but unplayed. Coffee Roaster and Oh My Goods are low points of the year. I never liked Marco Polo either.


Looking at my list, I am glad to say I have plenty to choose from of what I have scored 8 or higher.

So the highest on the BGG ratings are Brass Lancashire (0wned) and Concordia, followed closely by Viticulture (both I need to play more and might eventually get a copy of); no surprises there.

Going down the ratings, I can see some jewels like Pandemic, which I admit I am a bit meh about it now, but I recognise its merit; London 2nd Ed, Lords of Waterdeep (that I have played to death on Steam), Raiders of the North Sea (owned), Codenames and Telestrations as Party Games, Splendor (owned) which I have played to death with my better half (and I start to get the balanced tipping towards my side for victories), Love Letter and Arboretum (although my versions are newer now) and Firefly (owned).

Honourable mentions scrolling down the list a lot: Thurns und Taxis (I need to play it again), Age of Industry (I believe this Wallace game does not get enough credit), The Game and Thunderbirds, which is probably the hardest coop I ever played.



I must admit my hatred for this game comes from a group meta-strategy established where I was being told off for playing or guessing in a way that was sanctioned by “expert” players. It actually has established itself as the Marmite game of the Geeks Guild. Either you hate it or you love it…


Just realised that it’s thanks to this forum that I’ve played Xia, Flash Point and the very fun Colt Express.

And I own London 2nd ed and must get it out more often.


This period got a lot of good ones. My Top 3 are: Chicago Express, The Great Zimbabwe, Neue Heimat aka THe Estates


There was a golden age of 18xx happening here (before the modern golden age we are in today). I think the onset of a new wave of Internet-based hobby-specific functions opened up the sub-genre beyond the old BB systems and mailing lists.

For example, JC “clearclaw” Lawrence’s 18xx weather forecast -- what is coming and why is it interesting? was created in 2010. That said, I didn’t get involved with boardgaming (meaningfully) until 2012-ish, so that was all foreign to me during the 2006-2015 time period. And it wasn’t until 2019 that I actually figured out what 18xx was and learned how to play.

Around the end of this timeframe, my collection was roughly:

Complete collection
  • 7 Wonders
  • Agricola
  • Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small
  • Alhambra: Big Box
  • Betrayal at House on the Hill
  • Ca$h 'n Guns: Second Edition
  • Carcassonne
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Cargo Noir
  • The Castles of Burgundy
  • Dixit: Journey
  • Dominion: Intrigue
  • Early American Chrononauts
  • Eldritch Horror
  • Evolution
  • Fluxx (and a few other Fluxx games)
  • Flash Point: Fire Rescue
  • Forbidden Desert
  • The Great Heartland Hauling Company
  • GUBS: A Game of Wit and Luck
  • Guillotine
  • Hanabi
  • IOTA
  • Jaipur
  • Khet 2.0
  • Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot
  • Last Will
  • Lords of Waterdeep
  • Love Letter
  • Machi Koro
  • Morels
  • Pandemic
  • Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords – Base Set
  • Power Grid
  • Scotland Yard
  • The Settlers of Catan
  • Small World Underground
  • Suburbia
  • Takenoko
  • Talisman: Revised 4th Edition
  • Ticket to RIde: 10th Anniversary
  • Ticket to Ride: Europe
  • Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries
  • Village
  • We Didn’t Playtest This At All
  • We DIdn’t Playtest This Either

A good portion of this collection was gifted to me for Christmas 2014, after my mother excitedly bought me too many gifts (for reasons). She printed off my wishlist and took it to a game store (the same game store she used to drop me and my best friend at after school or for entire days on weekends), and they were happy to sell her as many items on my list as they had in stock (and then some! Still haven’t played IOTA or Gubs, but have heard good things about both of them).

(I have very little experience with some of these years)
2006: Shogun – I really enjoyed the one play I had of this; it stays on the table way longer than it deserves, sadly, but it was interesting the entire time.

2007: Chicago Express should probably get the win here, but I haven’t actually played it yet. Notre Dame, I guess, since I’ve actually played it (and quite enjoyed it)

2008: Snow Tails is so good!

2009: Martian Rails? Maybe. Summoner Wars perhaps?

2010: Paris Connection or Troyes (maybe I should do two lists: one for train games, one for anything else)

2011: Village and Dungeon Petz are both great.

2012: I have a lot of potentials that I’ve had for a varying amounts of time but haven’t had a chance to play yet. Of the ones I’ve played, Lords of Waterdeep is the best.

2013: 1862: Railway Mania in the Eastern Counties is one of my favorite games period (but I’ve only played it as solo, which wasn’t available in the 2013 edition). Coal Baron is such a good game, I’d give the non-train award to it, but the competition is getting better as we go along in years. The solo-rpg-disguised-as-a-war-game award for 2013 goes to The Hunters: German U-Boats at War, 1939-43.

2014: Alchemists would be my pick. And, likely, 18OE would pick up the train award for this year (even though I haven’t actually played a complete game of it)

2015: Broom Service and Isle of Skye will have to share an award (they share two designers!). Trans-Siberian Railroad for the train award.

  1. 1862: Railway Mania in the Eastern Counties
  2. Alchemists
  3. Isle of Skye and Broom Service?

So maybe I shouldn’t have bought the hyoooooge box of everything Star Realms. I’ve played it (particularly the Frontiers box) quite a bit, but never done much with the expansions.

Fair, and it’s a “used to own” for me (along with On the Brink, but I quickly noticed that the more OtB roles were in play the more likely we were to lose), But Flash Point really displaced it for me.

Yeah, IMO the actual game is building the group-meta over one or more plays, and once you’ve done it the game is complete. Similarly The Resistance, I’ve heard of groups that have rigid rules (“you must always vote against mission 1 team 1”) and I can see why they might have burned out on it.

I picked up IOTA more recently but my overall feeling is an enjoyable early game, a middle game that’s hard work, and an end game that’s fun-stress, Cut out most of the middle game and I’d probably play it more.


Gubs is an interesting one. It’s not great, and probably a kid’s game. But it is great. Compared to similar fare, like Exploding Kittens, it has actual decisions to make throughout the game. Compared to something like Unstable Unicorns, it has a game timer and a shrinking decision space that gives the game an arc and ensures it doesn’t bloat.

At the start, it’s all rock-paper-scissors. No card is better than another, there’s no safe place for your Gubs (and having the most Gubs = Winning). As cards are played, bits of that Rock-Paper-Scissors wheel are shaved off, making some moves now safer and smarter than others. That continues to winnow and re-shape until you get an Ethnos-style end game that will be close to the end of the deck but not all the way to the last card.

So yeah, it’s a stupid little trinket. But it’s a stupid little trinket that had some actual thought and craft put into it, unlike it’s over-marketed brethren. It deserved better than it got.


First pass I just went down the lists on BGG but I didn’t cross reference my own collection. Playing wise, this was something of a barren time. I did a lot of collecting up through 2005 or so and then started again in 2017. Games I actually bought during this timeframe may be limited to Agricola, Small World, Ticket to Ride, Nuns on the Run… Dominion and Pandemic were gifts.

But here are some of the lower ranked games in my collection from that timeframe. I mean, we all know Brass and Terra Mystica but it’s these down-catalog items that I love reading about as they are what sets us apart.

  • Irish Gauge - Probably my first foray into shared incentive? We didn’t know what we were doing but had an ok time with it first play.
  • Sons of Anarchy / Wise Guys - This was so cheap there was hardly a reason not to get it. Still hoping to try it out. Different reviews make me more or less excited but I think it’s a group-dependent game and I may have the right people for it.
  • Rivals for Catan / Catan Card Game - the original implementation, which is what I’ve played, was a 90 minute behemoth. We had good times with it. I don’t know if it would still be good, haven’t played since 2011.
  • Red7 - Too small and cheap to cull. At 2 players I think Air, Land, & Sea nails this vibe better. But it’s an interesting curio and I’m keeping it.
  • Dark Moon - Had one bad play of this and can’t wait for another. One player vocally didn’t want to be “infected” and then made a comment on the card deal. We should have re-dealt but we didn’t and they tried to play it off and the whole game didn’t have the promised drama.
  • Spyfall
  • Pixel Tactics - this is likely to go, in the face of cleaner games like Worldbreakers and Radlands. But it’s an interesting dueller with a ton of flexibility for anyone willing to climb the learning curve and digest the text and decision space.
  • Anomia
  • Impulse - only ever played 2/3 handed. If I can get someone to learn Mottainai, maybe this will come next.
  • Mascarade - likely destined to cull but I’d like to play it once or twice first? It was so cheap, and SU&SD recommended, I got it as a just-in-case play and haven’t yet gotten the chance.
  • Nuns on the Run - I don’t know why this game wasn’t more popular. I think the rulebook was ambiguous and maybe better with a few houserules. I’ve never had a bad session and one of the first games I had that could play 8 without breaking (I’m looking at you Citadels).
  • Trick of the Rails - What an obtuse game. I think I like it, but it will take two dozen plays to get a handle on it. I’ve only had 2 so far.

Big Red7 fan here, yeah maybe not ideal at 2 but lovely at 3-4. (I prefer the basic mode, but most people disagree.)
Mascarade: I don’t get it. If I’m bluffing I want to know I’m bluffing. But finding out your role is an action, and by the time play has gone round the table you have no idea again. [Shrug]


I think of this type of a thing as a party exercise rather than a game. Get some people around your table and bluff if you want, but ultimately, each person knows about as much as you do.

I would say you’d need to have some extroverts in your group to keep it running and any introverts present would need to feel comfortable enough with the group to engage with the absurdity and nonsense.


This feels pretty much peak gaming time for me. Young enough to be happy enough, free enough and with enough different friends for lots of gaming. That being said most time in this era was spent playing Confrontation the mini game I’ve talked about previously so won’t rehash here.

First blush 2015 seems to be the year if I could only play games from one year it would be that one. Food Chain Magnate for starters and that has legs. Keyflower I often think of as the best designed game in my collection and it’s so good. La Granja is a top euro for me and could be played for a very long time. Iki is the apex medium euro in my mind, and 2015 has the original art. Burgle Bros Then there’s the mighty Cthulhu Wars. Those 4 are a collection in themselves but the year has also rand I could play. The Gallerist, Raptor, Marco Polo, Grand Austria Hotel, Nippon, Steampunk Rally and no doubt others would give plenty of euros to churn through. Hopefully there’s a reasonable 18xx from that year too but I won’t go further through the list for now