Three Great Word Games You Should Play!


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Just tried out the demo of Lok. It’s pretty good! It is in no way a word game - the letters may as well be replaced by random symbols, although obviously that would make it harder to work through. But calling it a word game is a major stretch.

Also there was a LOT of trial and error so I don’t think I’d like doing it as pencil and paper. So that means the three “word games” were one with poor components where you have to buy two boxes at least (but there’s a digital implementation), a non-word game also with a digital implementation, and a great, but solely digital, word game. Pretty shaky on the theme!


Pretty shaky on the theme!

Yeah – I haven’t watched the video yet; but I was immediately thinking that if Lok isn’t really a word game, and Paperback Adventures isn’t really a word game, I sure hope that Knotwords turns out to be a word game, otherwise Tom will be zero for three.


Delighted to see components described as “Whack” and laughed very loudly at Tom’s reaction to the klaxxon.

Am downloading Knotwords because it is very much a real word game.


Oh it’s really evil.


My favourite computer-based word game right now is:

It looks like yet another Wordle derivative at first glance, but the grid approach makes it a completely different kettle of fish, as the intersection of words enables you to take most of the guessing out of the equation (once you have a decent number of letters on the board). If you like both word games and deduction/logic games, you should definitely play Squareword. If you kinda like the *ordles but get frustrated that you can have 4 different equally-possible options for a guess, you should play Squareword.

(And if you like it, join us – it’s one of several games being played in that thread :‍)

In cardboard form, I’ve really been enjoying Letterpress in its solo mode.

And if you want something on-the-go, the most portable word game I own is Handsome.


I just realized they’re all basically solo games as well.

You mean like a crossword…

You mean like a crossword…

Yes and no. It’s a 5x5 grid with a letter in every square, so “yes” in that you have horizontal/vertical words intersecting at a common letter, and “no” in that crosswords have unused squares whereas each and every letter in squareword is part of two words (i.e. every word intersects five others).

Also, you can only enter the horizontal words, so it’s more “no” than “yes” at that point.

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The big ciriticism I had of Knotwords is that the puzzles are clearly computer-generated in a way that a crossword would never be. A crossword setter is going to deliberately avoid very obscure or archaic words because it makes the puzzle unsolvable to anyone without a dictionary (or search engine) to hand. Knotwords uses them all the time. They also use unusual plurals and conjugated verbs a lot as well, which is irritating.

Even the promotional pictures on steam have the likes of ‘ohs’, ‘dado’, ‘oho’, ‘ups’.

It feels like playing Scrabble against those players who’ve memorised all the 2-letter words. I just think “oh, bugger off”.

Thumbs up for Letterpress that Phil mentioned earlier.


I’ve been playing Knotwords for nearly a year now, I think. My “streaks” on each of the three daily puzzles are at 293, 290, and 289 days. You can miss days and recover your streaks though and I’ve definitely missed days (didn’t play while on a 7-night Alaska cruise for example). I definitely enjoy it or I wouldn’t be playing it that long.

There are some frustrations and glitches related to the computer generated aspect mentioned by @Number1TheLarch though. My biggest problem with that is some puzzles technically have more than one valid solution which a well-crafted crossword or similar should not do (unless that’s the gimmick, which I have seen). Squarewords Knotwords will do things like you need an “a” in the middle of a three letter word and the other two letters do not intersect with anything else and need to be an s and a p. So you enter sap but it says that’s wrong because it decided the right answer was pas which is a dumber word in my opinion. The real problem though is that both are valid and you shouldn’t be in that position at all.


Squarewords will do things like you need an “a” in the middle of a three letter word

Knotwords, I presume.

Yep. Sorry.

That’s interesting, I’ve never had this problem. It’s always accepted either option for me. In fact a recent update added the feature that if you use a valid word that wasn’t in its actual solution, once you complete the puzzle it will say “Alternate solution, well done!”

My biggest gripe with Knotwords (and this may just be the phone app) is that if you enter part of a box and then come back to it later, the order of squares it highlights is completely incomprehensible. It will highlight already-filled-in squares when there are empty squares still, so if you’re used to say, NYT crossword functionality, you’ll end up typing over letters you’ve already entered. Very annoying, an unnecessary slow down to make sure you’re putting the right letter in the right box.


It used to take alternate solutions from me, but then it stopped a couple months back and I’ve been getting very frustrated. Maybe it has started again recently and I just haven’t noticed. Or haven’t updated. I’ll check that.

I have tried Knotwords yesterday and it was quite interesting, but I started some kind of big puzzle and then put down the phone and later got back to it, getting the impression I could solve this big puzzle over a number of “sessions” — suddenly after midnight the mostly done puzzle was gone and I cannot find it anymore. This is sad. I want closure.

I am also not enamored of the fact that it feels like this wouldn’t have happened if I had immediately made a subscription. Also is the big puzzle anSunday special? Because I could not find a new one either…

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I have the paid version and there you can go back and complete past days’ puzzles. There are also monthly puzzles and you can complete past months.

The daily puzzle does the same thing as the New York Times crossword (and probably other newspapers): it is easiest on Mondays and gets harder as the week goes on with Sunday being the hardest. For Knotwords, that means the Monday puzzles are small and the Sunday one is huge.


If you buy LOK it comes with a plastic sheet and you use your (own) marker pen to trial and error.


Is knotword still taking alternate solutions for you? I had a particularly annoying one refused on today’s daily twist. I put in rust and it refused it. The correct answer it wanted was ruts. Only the first letter intersected with any other word and the vowels/consonants were all in the right places either way for the twist so mine should have worked.