These Space Games Are Only For You


Well he sure likes SpaceShipped a whole lot more than I did. Although I’ve not tried it again since then, I admit. I was kinda hoping the expansions would elevate it, but Efka reckons they make it worse. But then, he likes the base game, so… maybe I’ll think they make it better? Who knows…

Similarly, One Deck Dungeon didn’t grab me for reasons which are clearly going to be much the same In Space.

OTOH Notorious looks like a lovely book which I might never properly play but would probably still enjoy mucking around with, and Rove still looks like my kind of jam (it was already at the top of my list for whenever I next order some wallet games, but I’m not in a hurry).

Notorious is a great solo-rpg. The Star Wars inspiration runs pretty close to the surface, which could be off-putting depending on your thoughts on that particular IP.

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