The resurrected miniatures painting and showing off thread

A few figures from November. These are all part of a range sculpted by Meridian Miniatures that are based on artwork by Black Crab Art. Lots of Old World Warhammer vibes in these characterful minis, lots of fun to paint.


To practice after the nmm class I thought a Saurus would be fun and have small enough metal bits to not overwhelm. It was.

Also finished off the last of the Nahab Aeromobile for the Haqq faction I’m rumbling through.


This is my next project, a slightly sci fi version of a french resistance fighter. So the reason for the WIP is I’m not sure about a colour for the armband. Red is out for fairly obvious reasons. I like the idea of black for associations with anarchist movements in europe. Paris 68 and Barcelona 1905 I think. Not sure about Italy 1914 which was known as red week. However this also concerns me with the black shirts being British fascists of the 30s. So are black armbands associated with fascists now or in the 20th century? Any suggestions on safe colours that would suit? If I go for a black armband then the cravat will be blue. I suppose red, white and blue for the armband could be French flag colours but it’s very small so I didn’t want to try adding bands of colour. Thanks in advance.


Might be anarchists, who are sometimes also terrorists of course, but usually I think it’s to indicate mourning while in uniform (e.g. a police funeral or a sports team that’s just lost a member).


Thanks Roger, reassuring.

Got 2 more Haqq figures done as I have bee in my bonnet about getting the project done. Realising I only have 7 more figure to get my Ramah Task Force portion complete I cracked on. Now I’m down to 5 needing doing, 3 of which are built and undercoated. The pictures of Yara Hadad are annoyingly removing so many tones that you can’t see the bits I was happiest with. Oh well, it’s just a photo. Next on to a Naffatun with heavy flame thrower who has adheres to the Geneva convention in space.


A few recent models - a robot trooper, and the start of a small new project exploring Napoleon’s Egyptian campaign, namely sailors and scientists.


Mostly finished. Needs decals and matt varnish, but calling this done.

And yes, fully magnetized with rotating head, arms and torso.


2 more done for the Haqq. The first one is a mukhtar doctor and I hated painting it. Still, it’s done. The naffatun is also an error as it’s a light flame thrower one which I’m not sure I’d use. Oh well, more done. Only got 3 to go for the Ramah task force portion of the Haqq. This will be interesting psychologically as I have more Haqq so we’ll see if they get done :man_shrugging:


Continuing from where 2023 finished, I’ve been painting more of Napoleon’s Armée d’Orient. Troopers from the Dromedary Corps, both mounted and dismounted.


Okay, for those that don’t follow my painting and wargame blog, and why would you, it’s very niche, here’s a recent picture.


Link to your blog please. These are very cool like all your minis.

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Sure, but be prepared to be disappointed.


Finished up some Rebel Commandos for SW Legion.

Are they great? No.
Am I happy with them? Yes.


Got Tarik Mansuri done and really enjoyed this one. The armour doesn’t look so nice in the photos but to the naked eye it’s not so speckled.

More practice on the ‘eavy metal style for trying to get sharper with my lines.

And a miniature of the month to practice NMM. Not super successful but I think I learned some things for next time


And here are three Toyota technicals I painted a while back, but never got around to taking a picture of.


Murabid Tuareg sniper meaning I only have the Maghariba Guard to go to finish of the Ramah Taskforce. Quite a relief. Looking forward to the next force.

I followed a Cult of Paint tutorial on army painting for this. I saw the Jain Zarr at a lesson and was struck by how good it looked and so wanted to test out for hopefully some faster painting on my next project.


Little giants for a commission.

Such a pain in the butt. Super fragile, and pointy.


Bit of hobby butterflying. A few spaceorks, Fench Napoleonic dragoons, and a handful of fantasy adventurers.


I haven’t looked at this thread in a really long time, and just wanted to say: “Wow!”

That must have taken a super long time to write, and seems like really valuable advice! Thanks! (I’m partly writing this reply so that if I ever decide to try painting anything, I can search for my own posts in this thread and then check what I was replying to here.)


Waaaaargh!!! I love Warhammer 40k orks!